Ready for Elite Rule

So many things to be said. But this is maybe the most important point.

Every nominee put forward by Trump, or any future Republican president, will receive exactly the same treatment because the opposition understands that they cannot, have not, and will not achieve their societal and institutional goals at the ballot box. They know that they must change society by fiat. And that has largely been done, and they hope, will be done, by activists SCOTUS justices.

Judge Kavanaugh could have been any other nominee and the tactics would have been identical. Leftists know that the American people are not in agreement with their radical un-American goals. So they must be ruled by their elite betters.



How I Make a Folded Book

From my book blog. You might enjoy.

MaddyTree Books

This little book came about when I realized I had quite a few pieces of handmade paper which were no good for anything.

I had stacks of paper I had made at home with recycled papers and your basic handmade paper supply stuff, maybe cotton linters or half-stuff. There were also a few sheets of really nice paper from workshops or Open-Vat days at  Rittenhouse Town which were too thick or nondescript for me to use for collage on my book covers. Some were glittered or oddly colored from vats in beginner papermaking workshops.


I had been looking for an idea for a quick little kind of book to offer to customers who want something low-cost and well, quickly handmade looking.

Suddenly there was my box of useless handmade paper. What if I simply folded it in half, inserted pages, and sewed it all up the spine?

Here is a…

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Summer at Farmers’ Markets

MaddyTree Books

Summer means lots of opportunities to participate in craft fairs, farmers’markets and pop-ups. An attender could go to three or four shows every weekend in my part of the world.

Farmers’ Markets have been good to me. Usually, a Market will host one or two artist/craftspersons per Market. I’ve done well in that context so far.

Here are a few pictures from my last event at Swarthmore Farmers’ Market. On Saturday we will be back there again, and I hope the weather is as picture-perfect.


Saturday, July 28
9:30 to 1:30
Swarthmore, PA

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This Woman Is Free

I am a woman.

I am not unequal or unfree if I lose the right to kill my unborn children. I do not need the right to kill in order to be equal to men.

If I did need that right:

wouldn’t it mean that I am intrinsically not equal?

wouldn’t it mean I must become exactly like a man to be equal to men?

What if I value not being a killer of my own children over becoming equal to a man?

Shouldn’t I value that more?

I am a woman who has never killed my child. I am a woman who will never choose to kill my children. Yet I am equal to a man. God created women as equal to men; it is modern feminists who try to persuade us that we are lesser to men so that we will buy into their power struggle.

You  may have heard that women are seen as lesser in the Bible but I challenge you to find that. In Scripture, men and women are different and complementary but equally free and equally valuable.

Without availing myself of the right to kill my offspring, I am, and have always been, as valuable and as free as any man.

If I were to perceive of myself as victim, or oppressed, or inhibited, or not free, because my right to kill the unborn may be infringed, I would live in a prison of my own making.

I do not need the right to kill my children in order to be equal or free. I am already equal and free.


Abortion in the Mirror

The case against abortion rightly focuses on the harm to the unborn. But what does the abortion culture do to us?

It desensitizes us. I hardly need illustrate this point. A comedienne recently downright celebrated abortion via patriotic parody on Netflix. Basically nice people put on vagina hats, put vagina hats on their minor female kids, march them along to protest in the streets, join the tribe, then go back to work and school and friendly society sure of their moral superiority while nurturing a constant state of rage against their family and friends who believe that life is a right belonging to all human beings.

It dehumanizes us. We keep our human status, but we lose the context for what it is to be human. We lose the criteria for deciding what being human is. We lose that because we trash it. We must, if we decide to create castes in which some humans are human and some are not. If personhood must be relative, then we will end by re-evaluating all persons, according to what scale I try not to imagine.

When we throw in with abortion culture and accept it as necessary, we turn ourselves into rank elitists.

Elitists because we have decided that we have the right to declare who is human and who is not, who is a person and who is not, who is “viable” and who is not. Viability is an arbitrary and ever-shifting goalpost if there ever was one. And if the doctor was incorrect about viability, he will often impose non-viability without prejudice. We decide who lives or dies.

Abortion culture makes us children.

When we grow up, we learn that things we didn’t plan for often happen. Sometimes we should have forseen the consequences of our actions, and sometimes unforseen things present themselves regardless of our actions. Whichever the case, we must meet life’s challenges, take responsibility, and make the best outcome we can, though perhaps no possible outcome is what we would have chosen. Life isn’t perfect.

The abortion culture has taught us that if we face a challenge that we find too great, or even too inconvenient, there is a panacea  which will take our circumstances right back to where they were before that interruption. No consequences are tolerated and if there are consequences we must be victims of an oppressor. Blame must be assigned. We have learned to expect life to clear itself up so we can get back to our comfort. It’s a childish perspective. The abortion culture infantalizes women and men.

Abortion culture relativizes killing. Is this killing? Some say no. Is this kind of killing justified? How can I make this killing OK? It’s a bad place to find ourselves.

A culture which endorses abortion is destroying itself. Proverbs 8:36 declares that there are many who love death: Those who hate me love death. That culture has put death on the menu. It has made death one essential option. And once we approve of death as a tool, an instrument of expedience, a means to an end, we cannot put it away. We give death a kind of life and it may have its way with us.


Cecile RichardsVerified account @CecileRichards Jan 26

Through generations of struggle and change, we’ve been driven by one simple, radical notion: No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body.

Here’s the explicit claim that women are not free in the first world where abortion has been totally legal for 45 years.

Women in America are the most privileged persons in human history. We have more power, more opportunity to choose, and more freedom than any person before our time, anywhere in the world. At the present, we have more prerogative than men.

As to power, women as family-creators have always had the power to form and influence the future of their cultures to an astonishing degree. It is modern feminism which has convinced women to limit or dismiss that power and that influence. Who influences the future more: the parent of eight children or the parent of 1.2?  It’s hard to pass on a vision or a heritage when you’ve de-prioritized the raising of your progeny, or if you’ve had none and bypassed on the opportunity completely.

At work, we dominate in the fields which women self-select as their chosen professions, and evidence that we are suppressed in male-dominated fields is disappearing. Vastly more college students are women. There are more female doctors than male. More and more women are CEOs, vice presidents and other business leaders. The glass ceiling is largely an urban myth unless you believe that women should be spared the struggle of achieving that for which  men have always had to sacrifice and compete.

The mommy wars attest to the fact that women have a great deal of prerogative over their lives. Economic necessity, personal fulfillment and societal shift have created a reality in which women comprise about half of the work force. Still, the conversation over whether we pursue careers or stay at home full time to raise children remains a debate.

Where are the daddy wars? This is not a debate most men have the prerogative to have with themselves.

 And now, victimhood and freedom.

I do not know how any human being could be more privileged or more powerful than a first-world modern woman. We have bestowed upon every woman of childbearing age an unquestionable right to end the lives of her own unborn children totally without consequence.

We have won power, freedom and prerogative over the lives of the most innocent and defenseless of human beings. We have convinced our culture that we deserve the right to kill those whom our culture ought to expect us most fervently to defend. We have been given the power of life by God; we have chosen to struggle for the power of death.

We have created a context which says that a mother and her unborn child must struggle for supremacy. Then we prefer the most dire of the two outcomes: if mother wins, the child must die; if child wins, mother is condemned to inconvenience and the necessity to focus outside of herself. Ms. Richards calls that slavery:

No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body. – Cecile Richards

Feminism says a woman’s freedom depends on her right to deny life to another person. Without that right, she has no power, no choice, no freedom.

The implication is that a man does not need to kill to be free, but that a woman does. Sounds to me like it’s modern feminism denying women equality.