God Box

We keep putting God in a box. We can handle Him that way.

Read Ps 48, 46…all over the Psalms. He doesn’t need us. He made us, He made boxes, He made our minds which can conceive of a box, He made the concept of the box…He even made our hearts which are able to choose to put Him in a box, or to give all acknowledgement and credit to Him.

He dared to make us able to minimize and reject Him.

But we continually put Him in a box so we can feel comfortable with Him. Think about the people you know. Now think about what they do with Almighty God. Because everyone does something with Him; no one is able to completely disregard Him. It is impossible.

Some people try not to think about Him too much; some intentionally ignore Him (think about that); some ridicule Him; some believe they’ve made a bargain with Him; some give Him a place but keep their distance.

Some people acknowledge Him for Who He is, give Him honor, glory and praise, and give Him their lives. This is the only right and true and proper way to treat Him. He is Who He is, and the more we see Who He is, the saner we are.

We can choose, against our nature, to honor Him, to bow our wills and self-importance before Him, and to truly love Him.

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