Re-kindling the past to warm the future

This is a re-blog of a lovely and challenging post.  Enjoy!



The all-over warm feeling eating Grandmothers cooking. The soul-lifting feeling of belting out an old, trusted hymn. The sturdy trustworthiness or a well-loved workbench.

So often these days we seem to be reaching back to the past to bring relevance and meaning to todays throw-away life. Isn’t it interesting in these days of throw-away coffee cups, instant communication and buy-now-pay-later that we seem to crave things of old. We take high-definition photos instantatiously on our phones, then make them look old-timey with instagram.

The whole ‘hipster’ trend, so prevalent with my peers seems to be aching for the old. Men who proudly wear beards and ties. Ladies who pin up their hair and wear dresses. Buying re-cycled furniture. Writing on type-writers. What are we all seeking in this hyper-consumerist world?

I think we are seeking authenticity. Something real. Something that will last. Something, that, in our eyes has…

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