10 Things I Won’t Regret Doing For My Husband

Re-blogging! I couldn’t have said it better.

I promise I will be blogging original material soon! What can I say…I’ve been busy.

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This list won’t be popular with many women.  I understand that, and I understand why.  But, my goal is a happy marriage, pleasing God and loving my husband.  Here are ten ways I believe I can do that.  I may regret many things in life, but loving my husband well won’t be one of them.  So, here they are–ten things I won’t regret doing for my husband:

1.  I won’t regret saying kind things about him.  He’s my best friend, my perfect match, and my spiritual leader.  When he’s annoying me, I shouldn’t call my mother or a friend and complain about him.  I want him to make me look good when he speaks of me to others.  I have to return the favor.  When my day comes to an end, I can lie down peacefully knowing that I did nothing today to harm my husband’s reputation or make anyone think…

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