Why I’d Rather Not Blog

This post is wonderful for two reasons. One, it is; two, it’s by my husband. Try it!

Glass Planet

My wife thinks I should start blogging.  Since most paths I’ve traveled with her lead to the inescapable conclusion that she is right I can only assume she is right about this as well but I don’t want to write a blog.  Here’s why.  It’s hard.  It’s thankless.  It’s coals to Newcastle.

Let’s start with the coals.  The Bible tells us that wisdom stands in the middle of the street screaming its brains out.  It’s like the kid in the grocery store who is stuck in that special screaming-kid-overdrive-trance; no power on earth can make him stop.  You can get ticked off at mom for refusing to use the imaginary parental superpower of tantrum-stopping.  You can ignore the situation and go about your business.  You can resort to whatever coping mechanism works for you.  But you can’t not know there’s a screaming kid.

We can’t not know that there is…

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