Like the Moon

Not because he’s kind to me, but because it’s got things you’ve got to hear.

Glass Planet

When I left for work the other day the moon was out.

We know a lot about the moon. We know exactly how far it is from the center of the earth at any given point in its orbit.  We know how fast it moves.  We know what it’s made of and how it affects things here on Earth.  Probes have landed on it or crashed into it.  People have walked on it and brought back chunks of it for us to study.

But when I look at the moon it is nothing but beautiful and mysterious. Nothing we discover can change that.  It is a divine creation made by God for His own magnificent, unfathomable purposes.  I guess He could’ve made it invisible or ugly.  Lots of vital scientific mechanical things, some of which we probably don’t even suspect are routinely accomplished by Earth’s only satellite.  Beauty is not…

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