“Footprints! Footprints!”

Slogan culture oozes towards us no matter how fast we run. I look up and there on my table is a coaster. I didn’t buy this coaster; it just made its way into my house. On the coaster is a picture of sand and footprints. You know what the text says.

And that little byline always makes me think of this:



Jesus take the wheel.




1 thought on ““Footprints! Footprints!”

  1. insanitybytes22

    There used to be a slogan, “Jesus is my co-pilot.” Then another popped up, “if Jesus is your co-pilot, you’re sitting in the wrong seat.” It made me laugh, because Jesus is not actually a passenger, He’s driving the car.

    My husband and I can be a bit like the odd couple sometimes. I like to clean, he sees it as just stirring up dust. He likes to cook, I see it as completely dismantling the kitchen. Opposites attract, I suppose. If we were too much alike, we’d probably repel each other like magnets do.

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