The Jesus God

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways,
but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe.
The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.
Hebrews 1: 1-3

Human beings like to construct a God who we feel we are justified in rejecting. That way we can rationalize doing as we please, being accountable only to ourselves. We all do this. We prefer a Straw God.

But the book he wrote says we ought to recognize him by His Son. God = Jesus Christ.

We ought to see in Him not the god who commits genocide, the god who punishes disobedient children in eternal torment, the god who holds us accountable to silly rules and whose only response is to punish, the god who expects to be appeased. Or the god who winks at our mistakes because we’re really good deep inside. Not the distant god, the irrelevant one, the god of that Old boring Testament.

The Bible says Jesus represents God; He is the exact representative of who He is.  Jesus said so himself too.

I and the Father are one. John 10: 30

All things have been handed over to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him. Luke 10: 22

I can of my own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not my own will, but the will of the Father who has sent me. John 5:30

Do you have any bones to pick with Jesus?  He went about doing good. He healed, he raised the dead, he lived an utterly selfless life.  He was always kind and patient. He validated the worth of women, children, the lowly, the socially unfavored, the outcast. Then…

He went to torture, humiliation, abandonment and painful death. This is how we should think of God.  Here was God become fully human, hanging on a torture device and dying of blood loss and suffocation. Not for his own crimes, but for some abstruse offense assigned to him by those in power who wanted him out of the way.

He had no crimes to die for. He died on the behalf of others who deserved to die: me and you. He did all of this to show us Who God is. That is the True God. That’s how we ought to think of GOD.

Then, in order to show us the power and acceptance of this self-sacrifice, His death was undone.  He became alive again. The penalty was accepted and it is we who are credited with forgiveness.

All I need to do is recognize this and accept his gift for myself. It is a gift because I can in no way earn it; God had to do this for me.

That’s who God is: Jesus.

17 thoughts on “The Jesus God

  1. ColorStorm

    Human beings like to construct a God who we feel we are justified in rejecting.’ Strong as iron MB.

    Heck, its even good enough for Bronze age…

    Saw this post earlier, and enjoyed being reminded about the express image of Christ. 😉

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  2. insanitybytes22

    Thank you so much for this, I thought it was quite lovely. How blessed we are to be given Christ so that we have an understanding of who and what God is really all about. It’s very easy for us to try and create God in our image or to believe all sorts of negative things about Him, but there is Christ with the simple and undeniable truth.

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  3. Arkenaten

    He had no crimes to die for. He died on the behalf of others who deserved to die: me and you.

    How could he die for someone who was not born?
    Why am I responsible for things done thousands of years before I was even born?
    How is Jesus of Nazareth the creator of the universe? Where does it say this?


  4. madblog Post author

    Christianity 101. Stop lecturing.
    He died for all offenses from all time, for everyone. Because he’s God and stands outside our conception of time.
    You are only responsible for what you have done.
    Many places. You may search as well as I.

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  5. Arkenaten

    Who’s lecturing! Good grief.
    How is the character Jesus of Nazareth a god? He certainly never claims this of himself.

    You have yet to present a single piece of evidence for this claim and all you do is jump down my throat.
    This issue certainly wasn’t settled until the fourth century.

    Furthermore, on IB’s blog I asked if you would please direct me to a Jewish site that acknowledges the doctrine of Original Sin.
    Unfortunately, IB deleted it. And no, there was no rudeness in the comment either, in case you were wondering..


  6. madblog Post author

    Ark, I’ve given you a lot of evidence for Jesus’ claims to be God. I’m sorry you chose to ignore them.
    Where on earth did I jump down your throat?


  7. madblog Post author

    You insult and demean with every comment on other blogs, and some here, but you’re awfully sensitive when called on it. I was actually making a statement to you: your authority on matters of Judaism and Christianity is of little value when their truth or falsehood means nothing to you. As an atheist, you by your own admission have no stake in the historical or otherwise validity of their claims. You’re just a spoiler, hoping to crush someone else’s beliefs.
    You therefore give us no reason to take you seriously.

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    1. Arkenaten

      There is value in what I write if it encourages you to provide evidence for your claims or makes you pause for thought about what you write.
      I also consider there are people who read but do not comment, who may be struggling with religious doctrine and have nowhere to turn but such forums.
      A different perspective – even from one as brash and un-scholarly as I often am – could be the catalyst to pursue further research.

      Reading such blogs certainly sent me down the proverbial rabbit hole, and I am eternally grateful for that.

      My ‘stake’ as you put it is the wish to see the day that religion is eventually abandoned; that human beings can truly rid themselves of this heinous doctrine of degradation and thrust upward releasing our true potential
      The internet is accelerating this change at a phenomenal rate and religion is already experiencing a net loss of adherents – based on figures released by PEW.

      While bogged down in guilt-doctrines rooted in Bronze Age myth then we will likely continue to be at each others throats.

      So you see, I do have a vested interest in religion. 🙂


        1. Arkenaten

          And here we go with the asinine snarky retort.

          Do you notice you become exactly what you despise/protest against? Here and on other blogs?
          Why not simply provide positive evidence for the non-believer when asked instead of continually deriding the atheist position?

          People might think I am an ass … fair enough, I can live with this, believe me, but you just come across as defensive and bitter.


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  9. madblog Post author

    I think you’re hearing in “snarky” and all the other labels you used…your zeal to evangelize your position puts me to shame. I’m being honest. And isn’t my characterization pretty much in agreement with your own? You want to destroy faith in religious belief systems, is that not correct? You want to dis-illusion those who you see as having illusions?
    I do think that’s a shame but would you expect me to think it’s great?

    Can you not even conceive of a real conversation? Because, although I’ve been willing to slog through diatribe and sneers, ridicule and blithe dismissal of my half of the conversation, I’ve continued to try and have a discussion.

    Oh well. Since you do ignore my direct answers to your questions, and ask as though you never saw them; since you find me unpleasant despite my attempts at civility (though I have been a bit sarcastic at times –I thought you would appreciate the like exchange); I guess there is not much point in using up both our time.

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    1. Arkenaten

      No, my intent is not to….

      destroy faith in religious belief systems,

      . But I suppose I should be flattered that you would consider I would even make the attempt, especially from behind the screen of a laptop!

      I believe – and the evidence supports this – that religion will eventually implode all by itself.

      As I have said on numerous occasion, I find religion fascinating, and my major concern is that it is indoctrinated into children.
      Skip even one generation and consider the implications?

      And to be perfectly clear, I am not singling out your religion, or even your particular brand of belief within your religion.
      I do not consider your religion any more valid than any other. My concerns are for all children subject to unsubstantiated religious diatribe, especially the doctrine of Hell thus I comment on such blogs and hope that it raises awareness/consciousness and maybe if just one person reads what I and others write, follow the interactions and maybe reconsider their theism, especially with regard more respect for children.
      naturally, been raised in a Western environment I am more familiar with Christianity.

      I also wish to reiterate that I hate nothing and certainly not any deity that I have no belief in.

      What you choose to believe as an adult that you have freely accepted and embraced as an adult is none of my damn business and of little concern providing you do not proselytize it as truth and wish to impose it tenets and worldview upon the society I inhabit, because I strongly object to the implicit threat that it carries should I not comply

      I ask that you address questions using a logic base and a simple common sense approach without always resorting to cite scripture as a basis for defense as if I would recognise any authority in the divine claims of any man made text?

      If you cannot explain without apparent obfuscation then to me it shows you do not understand the answer either, or are simply afraid to address the question?

      Only you know which of the two it is?

      I hope you finally understand my position?



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