The Relentless Quest for World Domination

Glass Planet

God is an excuse to subjugate those whose beliefs are different from yours, whatever your beliefs might be.  Summation of numerous blog comments by atheists.

About two miles from my house is a Catholic church, school and convent which have been empty for several years.  The parish merged with a larger parish due to the declining interest in things Catholic.  I recently heard from a neighbor that the facilities had been taken over by a pastor and a group of lay volunteers for the purpose of ministering to intellectually challenged adults.  As if they weren’t doing enough damage already, what with going to Mass and praying the Rosary!

Christ has opened yet another front in the never ending quest for world domination.  Be warned!

Of course, we evangelicals have our own missions to carry out.  My church is involved with local urban ministries providing food, clothing, education, addictions counseling and…

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