Burying Your Gifts at Home

From about a year ago.

Messages from the Mythical

Are you a SAHM?  Are you wasting your abilities?

I recently heard a speaker on a very popular Christian radio program talking about her career/ministry hybrid.  She stated in passing that she would be burying her gifts if she stayed home.

Are your gifts being buried at home? Can I ask the question only slightly differently?

 Are your God-given gifts being wasted if you don’t have a career or a ministry outside your home?

What are you saying when you say that you have talents and gifts which would be wasted at home? Aren’t you saying:

    To be a wife and mother requires only a basic skill set which nearly every woman has. It’s the default.

     But you have some extra skills or talents which equip you to do something more than being a homemaker, wife and mother.

     That you have special talents that the world…

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