The Parody of Naked Apes

This is perfection.

See, there's this thing called biology...

In the process of discussing our alleged nihilistic and meaningless existence with a couple of militant non believers, the idea that the human body was a poorly designed biological mass of lumps and goo, lacking both beauty and functionality, came about. Apparently not only did our very existence spring forth from nothingness, the human body is not even a happy accident, but rather a somewhat ugly malfunction of evolution.

Also, some of these people are apparently quite blind.

The most pompous of the Naked Nihilistic Apes always demands an answer to his endless questions designed to cast God, whom he does not even believe in, in a negative light. That alone is irrational because one simply cannot try to disparage the character of a God one does not even believe in. That is a paradox and logical fallacy that would elude even the most deranged female brain.

Naturally I fell…

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4 thoughts on “The Parody of Naked Apes

  1. tildeb

    Perfection? IB22 avoids answering simple questions, misrepresents the motives for their asking, begs a question when she means raise a question, judges her caricature of non believers to be incapable of being fully human, and you call that bigotry perfection?

    No wonder why you’re a staunch Christian; you’re willingness to go along with such smearing and vilification in the name of piety reveals the quality of your beliefs and your respect for what’s true. And it’s not complimentary.


  2. madblog Post author

    Oh, grow a sense of humor. The point she was making was that, following his own statements to their logical conclusion, he unwittingly reveals that this is how he must conceive of himself. He smears himself.

    She goes on to explain that this self-conception is wrong.


    1. tildeb

      It’s not funny, mb; it’s dehumanizing. And its target is atheists as a group. Because I’ve challenged her directly on this before and held her accountable for this execrable behaviour, she bans me. That’s the quality of her character you so admire.

      Of course JZ has meaning in his life; he just doesn’t pretend it comes form outside of himself but creates it like everyone else. That fact – and it is a fact, mb – negates the typical nihilism charge utterly, yet it’s a trope used over and over again by theists of no intellectual integrity imagining that non believers have no morality. She continues to trot out the lie that atheists think we’re nothing more than goo, when overwhelming evidence against this assertion is all around us. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears to reality.

      Atheists tend to have much lower rates of all kinds of anti-social behaviour. They tend to donate more time and money to charity. They run, fund, and staff important charitable social organizations like Doctors Without Borders. The insult to these people by this group smear people like IB22 rely on is intentional; she does it to avoid having to defend her religious claims that she presents as if true. That you appreciate this despicable tactic – to avoid answering simple questions that IB22 asserts she has answers that are true for all of us and independent of her religious beliefs – to be ‘perfection’ is shameful and should be an embarrassment to you upon mature reflection. She’s not following John’s reasoning at all; she creating her own, substituting it for John’s, and then posting it to the delight of her Pavlovian readers who mistakenly assume her version it is true. It isn’t. It’s a slanderous lie and it’s deliberate done to misrepresent the <i.character of others who dare to ask her to justify her claims. She smears all atheists with this bigoted garbage to your delight. What does that say about you? And there are rules you are breaking – not just social rules that assumes we respect what’s true but your own religious ones – for supporting and furthering this malicious and deceitful form of entertainment.


  3. madblog Post author

    I believe the post is easily understood as a humorous attempt to point out to JZ what he is saying about himself, should he apply his own arguments logically. I also believe you have to work pretty hard to find offense in it of the sort you’re finding.

    IB is not saying these things about JZ or anyone else. She believes that we, JZ included, are perfectly designed, and suggests that perhaps we are not in a position to judge our Creator’s handiwork, owing to the fact that we cannot stand outside of this body and mind in which we reside and conceive of another.

    Her logic on this and her other pints is impeccable. No insult was applied to anyone.

    I do find it appalling though, that the atheists who slog really demeaning personal insults toward Christian bloggers, both to their faces and back on their own blogs, destroying their character while they’re not there, cry foul so quickly and easily when they feel insulted themselves.

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