I Am Officially Against Genocide

Is there a way to say it with less hyperbole?  I don’t think we can afford to be diplomatic anymore.

There is no difference between a community which ignores the concentration camps in its backyard and the community which ignores the Planned Parenthood offices on its Main Street.

Many people believed that the German people were complicit in the genocide of millions of Jews and other “undesirables” because they knew about the camps in their own countryside but did nothing, said nothing in protest. They rationalized it away, they put it out of their minds.

We all know what they do at Planned Parenthood. There is a genocide being carried out every single day there. It’s the extermination of a race of human beings.  The “race” is not of an ethnic type; the victims are identified by their age and their weakness. They have no power to defend themselves and no protectors are permitted there.

We all know they’re babies. We all know they are living human beings. That debate is long over.

Normally, we all agree that killing other human beings is wrong and is properly against the law. We all condemn the powerful oppressing the weak and the rich taking advantage of the poor. We all are outraged at the torture and abuse of the defenseless. Yet that is precisely what is going on at abortion clinics everywhere.

We also all know that they are helpless. That’s what allows us to kill them so easily.

And well…we do know they’re human but in reality, some adult people are so victimized by the culture that they need their rights protected but other tiny defenseless people don’t have legally recognizable rights. It’s alright to kill some human beings, and our reasons can be totally subjective, personal, and never exposed to legal scrutiny.

So they go to their deaths, every day, with the approval of our laws and of our society. We have rationalized their deaths in order to believe we are good people while we approve of their murders. Our society has no excuse. We have abandoned lawfulness in order to reach the ends we want.

How do I separate myself from the guilt?

I want to distance myself from guilt in this horror, but I’m not sure I really can. Without my permission, my tax dollars fund Planned Parenthood in my community and across the U.S.. My tax dollars fund the exploitation of women around the world under the guise of the promotion of “family planning” to poor women in third world nations. When we impose our first-world upper class vision of family health on cultures we do not care to understand, when we offer them desperately needed money in return for their agreement to commit their own genocides upon their own people, my money supports that effort.

Now we learn that there is no horror that fine, first-world Progressive women and men will not accomplish. It’s no real surprise that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of the innocent dead for profit.


A woman who can business-lunch on salad and wine at a nice restaurant while coolly brokering a professional arrangement which is dead baby parts in exchange for money is one whose humanity is in question. This is a person without conscience or soul. And she is the face, now, of a multi-billion dollar industry which receives my money and yours in order to operate.

I do not want to be mistaken for someone who supports this in any way whatsoever. I believe that what I have done, and failed to do, will be subject to scrutiny by the true Judge one day. My motivations will be transparent and accountable.

Here are some of the ways I am able to be innocent.

I am not a Democrat and I do not support or vote for candidates belonging to the party which names the unqualified right to baby slaughter among the main planks in its platform. They protect this right to selectively kill us and convince us that they are our champions of justice and public safety, defenders of the rights of the oppressed. I am sorry to be undiplomatic but I do not understand how any person with a conscience can be associated with this party anymore.

This may be harsh, but here goes. In order to support this party, at least one of three things has to be impaired: willingness to engage the issues, moral compass, or critical thinking skills.

I have no illusions about the other party, but at least its party platform includes a pro-life plank. What “pro-life” means has been diluted over time but the official stance allows those public officials who have engaged with this issue to act on their convictions within the law. Any small steps we can make with pro-life legislation can actually save actual lives.

However, the number of party movers who see the pro-life stance as anything more than a tool to be used then discarded when inconvenient, (which is also how they see pro-life voters) has dwindled.  I must choose the Republican party because any other alternative is worse, even though the party establishment is embarrassed by me. And no. It’s a two-party system and no third party will ever get anywhere near being elected in a national race.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…” says Proverbs 31: 8. I am newly declaring that I grieve over the killing of over 50 million children by my countrymen. I will look for ways to persuade others that we cannot call ours a civilized society while we endorse the commission of these outrageous atrocities. Consider this notification that I’m going to be one of those people.

I think we may be more culpable than Germans of the 30’s and 40’s because we have arrived at this place totally by our own choice, with our free speech, free exercise of religion, free press, and freedom to vote our consciences intact.

I do believe that God will hold us accountable for our actions and attitudes. I do not want to be accountable for this. Did I put the killing of millions of innocents on the back burner while I focused on my own small concerns? Did I get lazy and jaded about speaking out on behalf of those who could not protest their deaths? Did I play down that hackneyed old issue because I was tired of the media battles? Or because I didn’t want to be identified as one of those Christians?

Most importantly, what did I do about it?

Now is a moment.  We are all being given an opportunity to see clearly, be appalled, and detach ourselves from an utter abomination. No matter what your political affections have been, no matter what you think about the plight of women in our society, you are being given an opportunity to run from the slaughterhouse and escape implication.  Take the offer.

10 thoughts on “I Am Officially Against Genocide

  1. insanitybytes22

    Well said, indeed. Thank you too for expressing that sense of culpability that many of us have, that awareness that we are in some way, even small ways, responsible for what goes on in our world. We are supposed to care and to grieve and to act.


  2. ColorStorm

    Never underestimate the worth and power of a blog post. Words have a tendency to take flight, and some have a better shelf life than others.

    The business lunch deal image is strikingly awesome.

    Good words here Mblog from a good place. Great exhortation to engage wisely.

    Liked by 1 person

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