Being Bullies

In our nation, a woman has an unqualified, unlimited legal right to abort the baby she is carrying. Her decision to abort her child is not subject to any review or question whatsoever, except those to which she chooses to subject them herself. Her right is to make that decision for any reason, for “good” reasons or for a whim; and no one has a legal right to apply any pressure at all to change her mind. In a less-than-desirable-case scenario, any woman may abort her child for any subjective reason, and that reason is totally personal and no one else’s business.

We have arrived here because we want to be thought of as compassionate people. Far be it from us to condemn a poor woman to raise a child she did not plan for. Far be from me to expect a woman to postpone her personal plans in order to carry and bear a child who was not in her plans. Heaven forbid that I should wish a woman to carry a baby whose father she no longer wants in her life, or who has raped her and caused her to conceive against her will.

So in order to be on the right side of history–and by history we mean the present popular left-leaning feminist context which all our friends agree with and we are sure will never change– we support the female victims of our society by granting them the legal right to be rid of the heavy burden of childbearing when they feel it is too great.

What other life or death decisions in our society are totally protected from objective judgment?

If a man or woman brutally murders another person in the first degree, we carry out an extensive due process before we declare his guilt or innocence, and before we then deliver a sentence. The alleged criminal has rights to defend himself, to have an expert in the law speak for him, we weigh the evidence which will determine his future not subjectively, but expose that evidence to twelve supposedly objective jurors. He has a full gamut of rights at his disposal.  No summary or personal judgment is permitted to determine his fate.

Yet any female of childbearing age can condemn an innocent person to death for any personal reasons she chooses. Her right to do so is inviolate and unquestioned. And this is because we are a compassionate and just people.

When we demand and use the right to dispose of our own children, for our own reasons, good or whimmish, we are no longer victims. We become the perpetrators. We become bullies, the powerful and privileged wielding our will over the powerless.

8 thoughts on “Being Bullies

  1. insanitybytes22

    Good points. This is something I ponder a lot, “We have arrived here because we want to be thought of as compassionate people.” It is not so much that we ARE a compassionate people, but rather that we want to be THOUGHT of as compassionate people. So we are bullied into being “compassionate.” In truth we are not really being compassionate at all.

    It’s rather worrisome because where does all this “compassion” end? We are already aborting babies, supporting gay marriage, advocating for the transgendered… how about those who wish to self identify as a paraplegic? That’s a genuine disorder in the world! How about pedophiles? Must we now show “compassion” for them? This is why we have absolute truth or absolute rules or whatever we wish to call them, because the road to hell truly is paved with good intentions. We can have all the love in the world for people, but without common sense, reason, and a wee bit of moral direction, we can really make a mess of things.

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  2. madblog Post author

    Yes, “thought of” is just how I meant it. The direction our society goes toward is greatly determined by your basic junior-high level peer pressure. We’ll do and say and believe anything to feel like we’re part of the cool crowd. God help us, that’s all the critical thinking most people apply.


  3. Michelle Styles

    I disagree with abortion for me personally.

    I do support it in the case of rape or incest.

    But as birth control or stupid reasons I say you choose to open your legs and have sex then you knew the risks. I am at least fighting now for the first step. Full education before instant access. teach women adoption, and show them the resources including parents who will pay her every expense in exchange for the child. Lawyers, and other government services available.Even that (true and fully informed choices) I get tons of push back on.

    What is more empowering. Abortion only or complete information with ALL your choices? /smh

    If she is going to choose. make it an informed choice. Did you see the planned parenthood (the largest abortion network in the nation) is selling aborted fetuses to places using the stem cells to make further profit?

    Sick, sick world!

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    1. madblog Post author

      All those services (minus abortion) are exactly what Crisis Pregnancy Centers do. Plus a lot of others.

      You’re right–it’s PP who wants women kept in the dark and uninformed.


      1. Michelle Styles

        PP sued our center and without a large donation from the church would have closed us simply because we couldn’t afford the attorney. Where PP gets billions of tax payer dollars we rely entirely on donations.

        Maybe it’s time PP stops getting federal aid and federal dollars for procedures done. Then the bullies will go away.

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