The Logic of the Destroyer

Short and to the point.

Glass Planet

Among the tools of the pro-choice-to-kill-children crowd is the assertion that definitions of life and personhood are subjective.  Within the last few hours I have learned that a fetus is somehow magically infused with humanity after the first trimester, the fetus acquires some limited right to life upon achieving “viability,” which is the ability to survive outside the womb and a child probably has some right to live once she ceases to be a parasite within her mother’s body.

Golly!  We intellectually gigantic progressive thinkers  just don’t know when a little boy or girl turns into a person!  So naturally the only logical, right thinking thing to do is put targets on all of them!

In all areas of life we are taught that it is wise to err on the side of caution.  Except when it interferes with the flow of cash to the blood stained crony capitalists of the…

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