Another Comment and I’ll Stop

America was founded by way of civil disobedience, on a foundation of the belief that we, as free people, have the right and the responsibility to act according to our consciences, and that that right and responsibility was given to us by our Creator, and that it cannot truly be taken away, but only illegitimately abridged. Kim Davis defied a court order and was penalized. This is the way of civil disobedience. It went as it had to go.

You may agree or disagree with her actions or her reasons. But let us please notice not whose side we are on, but that we cheer civil disobedience when we like the cause, and condemn it when we do not. Let us admit that she is a civil disobedient and that, whether or not  we like her cause, she deserves the respect of someone who has stood up under punishment because of her convictions.

And let us take note that defying what one sees as oppressive governmental power and being punished is an honorable thing. A thing many, many of us will be confronted with in the future. Your “unlawful law” will be the law of the land one day.

Were you simply glad she went to jail because “she disobeyed the law?” Then what do you think about people who defied unjust laws under slavery or the Nazi regime or segregation? They disobeyed the law.  Do you condemn them too?

Are we to condemn anyone who “disobeys the law?” What happens when the law is lawless, ungodly, or fundamentally  unjust?

1 thought on “Another Comment and I’ll Stop

  1. Tricia

    Great post! Especially this, “we cheer civil disobedience when we like the cause, and condemn it when we do not.” Amen to that and something I’ve certainly been guilty of.

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