Do We Still Recognize Exploitation?

The fact that approximately 50% of babies who are aborted are female exposes the lie that pro-abortion advocates are about women’s rights, empowering the disenfranchised, or helping the victim.

“Never in the history of mankind has the denial of full human status to a subset of the human race meant anything good. It has always meant exploitation and death.”

This is what it means right here and now:


In the United States of America, in 2015, rampant exploitation is happening. We’ve seen exploitation in America before. Subhuman living conditions and slave wages. Prostitution. Low-wage immigrant workers. Human slavery.

The multi-million dollar corporation Planned Parenthood should be recognized as just that, and all its anti-Big Business supporters ought to be able to see by now that it behaves exactly like all the other evil corporations they denounce. Except that their “product” is so much worse.

Women are being exploited. Corporate interests holding out the promise of a panacea which is really a disaster. Poor women baited, exposed to unsafe  and illegal surgical procedures which are altered in order to procure better specimens and preserve the “bottom line”. Women misled and mutilated in exchange for money.

For profit, for social status, for their lust for power, this is what Planned Parenthood, feminist activists and Democrat politicians try to convince you of:

that your body is necessarily defective and fertility is a curse,

that you should be ashamed to fulfill what you were born to be,

that you ought to volunteer to be surgically altered so that you aren’t able to express your true nature as a female,

that you ought to eliminate your children in the pursuit of attaining a higher social status,

that to do so is just about a rite of passage into popular society.

Wouldn’t you say that there really is a war on women?

To express the view that your life goal is to marry, to bear children, to raise children, and to tend your family’s home is to commit social suicide. Explicit and implicit opinion on this view is not positive.

Infants are being exploited. Pre-born babies must be thought of as un-human, subhuman, tissue, specimens for disease research…or simply: my body, a very obvious untruth.

Yet no one with “two brain cells” can still contend, in the face of modern science, that these are not human beings. Therefore, they are a whole class of exploited persons, made so by those who portray themselves as defenders of human rights and champions of equal status for all.

3 thoughts on “Do We Still Recognize Exploitation?

  1. Tricia

    Yup, the war on women truly is the rampant exploitation of them through the belief that the more the freedom you have to do anything you want sexually, or even worse, to take a child’s life for your own advancement means you are somehow liberated. Not so much I think.

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