Gun Control is Achieved on the Gun-Free Zone Campus

My comments on school shootings are not political talking points. I have no interest in the NRA and I will never own a gun. The subject is not theoretical to me. I have five children who spend every day on college campuses.

If an evil person with a gun were to walk on to their campus, they would be sitting ducks, especially so since they are Christians.

Common-sense gun control laws? Gun-free zone college campuses are the illustration of the ideal gun-controlled environment. The gun-control advocates’ hopes and dreams are achieved there. There are zero guns.

Congratulations. Well done.

The kids are completely defenseless.

I would prefer that my children had any kind of protection at all, besides the absolutely powerless hope that no unbalanced person with a weapon will decide to act out his delusion on their campus.

7 thoughts on “Gun Control is Achieved on the Gun-Free Zone Campus

  1. insanitybytes22

    Well said. Something I find ironic, where I live our school is a gun free zone…but our bank has two armed guards posted. We’re willing to risk our children with this social experiment, but not our money.

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  2. ColorStorm

    Hi Madblog-

    Perhaps the conversation could take a societal shift. How about we respect your decision to NOT have arms in your home.

    Heck, just about every farmer would protect his flock of sheep from hungry coyotes, then again, Joe farmer has every right to allow the ‘yotes to a free lunch. Are we not more valuable than animals, or mammon as said above. Yep. Still, let each be persuaded in his own mind, and as you say, you have no interest in the heavy metal. But other good people do.

    I have tools in my garage that I rarely use, but when needed, they sure are handy. Per the issue of the day, it would make better sense not to advertise what a ‘gun free zone’ is, and the perps may be a bit more hesitant to roll the dice.

    A real tragedy though, and words always fail to they who have lost.


    1. madblog Post author

      I have no criticism for people who do own guns. I’ve thought seriously about doing so. But my point was that I’m not lobbying for the NRA, because that seems to be the only possible motive to respect the 2nd amendment in the minds of gun-control advocates.
      I was not commenting on all that political rhetoric but pointing out that my motives are more real, personal and close to home.


      1. ColorStorm

        I always liked the wording of others:

        The second amendment is not about hunting birds or deer.

        But yep, agree with you all the way here.

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  3. Tricia

    Well said. And not only is the disconnect unbelievable but logic is tossed out the window. Oregon, like other areas where mass shootings have occurred, has pretty tight gun control rules, there aren’t any that could have been added to prevent this shooting. States with more lax gun regulations however are more apt to experience better safety and lower crime levels. The only gun laws we should be looking at changing in my view are those that prohibit guns on campus.

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  4. madblog Post author

    Now THAT is common-sense gun law. Allow responsible people to protect themselves and let the colleges start investing in campus safety instead of food courts, spa amenities, unisex bathrooms, and other perks. Not to mention outrageous administrator salaries. I’d feel better about handing over the ridiculous tuition if someone seemed to think my kids were worth protecting.

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