Scaredy Cats

This subject is a sizeable book in my drafts everywhere but the pervasive topic is a challenge to organize (for me.) However, it is entirely appropriate that he goes first, and best.
Take it like a man.

Glass Planet

I don’t know a diplomatic way to say this so I’ll just say it. 21st century western Christian men are scaredy cats. Guess what they’re sacred of?


You know, those newly minted bearers of God’s image. The fruit in God’s first words to humanity, the command to “Be fruitful and multiply.” The “arrows in the hand of a warrior” who contend with “foes at the city gate” described in Psalm 127. The “godly offspring” God seeks according to Malachi. Those pesky little urchins the disciples wanted to shoo away from Jesus. Those things.

What’s so scary about kids?

It’s not hard to understand why our unchurched contemporaries are afraid to let the familial ranks swell to unmanageable proportions. Children are people, after all and people are expensive, messy and uncontrollable. The more people you’re connected to the more variables are introduced into your calculations for a neat…

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