The Worst Thing Women Believe

As women go, the culture goes. Arguably, women have always driven culture. In addition, Feminism has wildly succeeded in  irrevocably altering our society. Yet we hear constantly of  the victimhood, inequality and oppression experienced by women.

What have been the results of the advances women have made in society? Well, this happened:

Certain wings of the cultural arbiter class have officially ruled that an elderly man in a dress is a better woman than you are. He’s braver and more inspiring, he’s downright more important than you or any other woman out there. He knows what it’s like to be a woman better than you do. He looks so hot and glamorous they put him on the cover of Vogue and gave him his own reality show. Take your style cues from him. Learn to be as awesome and proud of your womanhood as he is.

(Note that to date, he is still physically male…excuse me, but having skipped some rather key surgery, isn’t he still sitting on the fence?)

Our popular culture seems to be saying that it doesn’t know what a man is anymore, or what a woman ever was.  It’s hard to keep up with all the jedi mind tricks we women are expected to master. What are some of the prevailing messages?

Trust your body. You are your body. You are a sexual being. Don’t ever deny your sexuality. Nothing’s wrong with experiencing all the sex you want, and there’s no “wrong” sexual desire. It’s wrong not to express who you are sexually.”

“Don’t trust your body. Your body is a baby machine. It will spew out babies right and left. If you don’t control that sucker you’re going to be surrounded by screaming babies before you know it, and your life will be over. Once you have a baby, you’ll be tied down forever instead of living your dream. You won’t be significant anymore.”

“‘Babies are terrible. Don’t have babies.’* Come to us for birth control; you can trust us. You’re pregnant already? No problem. We can fix that if you have the money. The most important thing is that you get back to living your life just the way you want.”

(We get the fee from you, then we sell your throwaways. Fer us it’s a two-fer.)

“When you’re ready, have a baby! Of course, after you’ve earned your degrees, begun your brilliant career, once you feel mature and ready, (certainly past the age of thirty!), go ahead and indulge in the experience once, or if you’re really into being a mom, twice.

It is important to some women to create a many-faceted life in which nurturing children is one part of a rich tapestry of identity and experience. Having a child is a real life-enhancer. As long as you’ve established a personal identity, it’s alright to indulge yourself a little, have a child and get all the feels that precious little baby brings out in you. Your life will so change.

After that, you had better defuse that biological bomb. That smoothly-running miracle of a reproductive system is a humiliating curse. Surgery is the most effective way to be sure there are no more interruptions to your exciting life.”

All of these thoughts are self-defeating and counterproductive, full of contradiction and double-think. We gulp them in like water, unfiltered and unreflected upon.

The flim-flam at its most basic is this: The highest goal a woman can grasp is total self-interest. Isn’t this Feminist article of faith? It is better to disregard all others’ interests in favor of achieving one’s own interests. Me first, me only. It’s written all over every single feminist aspiration.

But the worst thought by far that women have embraced is this:

 Human value is relative, not intrinsic, not eternal, not immeasurable. That the value of a given human being is dependent on a variety of situations and circumstances.

We traded our birthright for a mess of stew when we devalued our (dare I say God-given) callings. We need women to manifest the intrinsic nature that women have, the strengths which we have and which men don’t, the female brains which are different than male brains. We need women to be the teachers of culture, the passers-on of civilization, the nurturers of femininity and masculinity, the trainers of children to adulthood, the soft arbiters of culture. Shame on us that it is controversial to say: the bearers of children.

Fundamentally, we need women to be the protectors of helpless human life.

Those people who we most need to be the ones who are convinced that all souls are worthwhile no matter the circumstances, and to steadfastly protect any life under their influence, are the ones who’ve been sold on this thought: the value of a human life depends solely on the circumstances of the person who has the most power over its life.

Our civilization needs women to be uncompromising protectors of life or we are doomed to witness slow suicide.

But here and now, you are not considered an acceptably PC woman without an unquestioned belief in the health and justice of a woman’s right to choose death for her own dependent unborn child. It’s almost too sad to contemplate the role we might be playing: exercising our real calling as guardians of life, versus the one we have actually embraced.


*The Marching Morons, C.M. Kornbluth


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