Love Stories

This, from one of my favorite blogs, is lovely and very important. We lose so much when we dismiss the enduring significance of falling in love.


bride of frankensteinSome years ago, about a week before my wedding, I was at work listening to a radio show on a topic that was understandably on the forefront of my mind: marriage. On this show was a man being touted as the preeminent expert on Holy Matrimony – a guy whose name I can’t remember – but a fellow who’d been studying the institution for decades and could tell with startling accuracy and within minutes of meeting a couple whether they would still be married in five years’ time.

I sat listening with my ears pricked up as this guy was the real deal. Enough to make him the focus of an entire segment of NPR’s Talk of the Nation for a solid two hours.

Obviously, Mr. Marriage (as I’ll call him for the sake of this essay) had a lot to say on the topic. He talked about respect being…

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2 thoughts on “Love Stories

  1. insanitybytes22

    Wow, that was lovely, thanks for linking to it. I so agree with this, “In fact, story is so crucial to the long-term viability of a relationship that it can actually be the determining factor as to whether a troubled marriage can or cannot be salvaged.” For women especially, the story we tell ourselves in tightly entwined with desire, attraction, romance, love. In a spiritual context, we can learn to take captive our thoughts and change the entire narrative. The words we speak over a spouse write the story, they create the narrative. This is one reason why respect is so important and contempt is so harmful. Sadly, women sometimes use this skill in a bad way, they’ll deny abuse, they’ll put men who are unworthy on a pedestal, they’ll deny reality. But there is the other possibility too, where we can really use our minds and our thoughts to create a lifetime fairy tale for ourselves, a romance gone right, a great love story……with an ordinary human man no less. 😉

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