Why Do You Champion Genocide?

As a nation, we support the legal execution of a category of human beings.

They are not distinguished by their ethnicity or their political tribe. They are, however, one group of human beings set apart from the rest and destined for extinction. They are distinguished by their age and helplessness.

In the case of each of these people, there is another person who has total prerogative over his life or death. We recognize the rights of the person who has prerogative and erase the rights of the other.

Are my hands clean? Are yours?

As a nation, we share the responsibility. We elect legislators who carry out our will and those legislators have made unilateral, unassailable choice the law of the land. Then for 40 years we as a nation made legal abortion into an institution, a cornerstone, a way of life. It is so interwoven into the fabric of our lives, to remove it would require the most delicate surgery.

We have bestowed upon every woman of childbearing age an unquestionable right to end the lives of her own children without consequence. I do not know how any human being could be more privileged or more powerful. We women have won authority over life and death. We need to stop complaining about our victimhood.

In some future time, when cultural context has shifted, our descendants may see us just as we do those who happily operated the camps in 1940’s Germany. Please, where is the difference?

Maybe this: our victims are more innocent, more defenseless, and our reasons are more subjective.

If you champion politicians and candidates who are still fighting for your right to participate in genocide…think about what they are actually advocating. Think hard.

And in the future, just don’t say you didn’t know. No one will believe you.

106 thoughts on “Why Do You Champion Genocide?

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        1. Arkenaten

          Well, for a start it would be more honest.
          And it would be a positive step rather than a hateful one as portrayed in this blog piece.

          Would that not be a good thing?


        2. Arkenaten

          Forgiveness extended.
          Sadly, that you are unable to understand is half the problem.
          Maybe one day you will come to realise just what religious indoctrination has done to you?
          I hope so.


        3. madblog Post author

          I was playing dumb just a little bit in order to give you time to stop sputtering and actually explain what you find to be atrocious, disgusting and hateful. Because I’m not going to waste my time guessing. You’re seriously all over the place.

          Is it just blind commitment to the abortion sacred cow, or can you actually spell out your objections? You SUGGEST several but you’re jumping all over.

          If I have to guess, you force me to glean this from your comments : you might be going down the same road as the twin offenders of my post– that of declaring that it’s better for some people to be assigned to the not-allowed-to-live category, while others are privileged to enjoy their lives.

          Fewer people (by some means or other) = a better society

          My two offenders think that genocide= a better society. Aren’t you saying you agree?

          Liked by 2 people

        4. Arkenaten

          And your sarcasm and bitchiness is noted also. Well done.
          So, are you willing to do a post that is equally as forthright in the promotion advanced medical research into effective birth control?


        5. madblog Post author

          Apparently you did not understand my last comment. Your question was answered.

          If you would: what is hateful about the post?
          What is disgusting?
          Where exactly do you disagree?
          And most importantly, what is untrue?

          If you want to converse, you will have to either answer those, or this:

          Speaking of the two parties in the post, abortion-industry players or concentration camp operators, how would you explain that one is perpetrating atrocity and wrong, while the other is health-giving and benevolent?

          Since we will stick to the post’s substance, which was that I cannot see that difference, I will discuss only those items.


        6. Arkenaten

          Oh, well, if you cannot see the difference then there is little point in explaining it to you is there?
          So, do you think you will be willing to do a post with this much ”passion”(sic) for the promotion of birth control and medical research into this area?

          And while we are on the subject of ”extermination” do you eat meat?


        7. madblog Post author

          I have already explained my views in the post. I’m asking you to explain what YOU think is the difference.
          You seem unable to articulate your own thoughts.

          Ah. Bravo, you’re throwing out all the hack slogans today.

          Liked by 1 person

        8. Arkenaten

          I really don’t think any intelligent person reading this post will find an explanation necessary. Surely you don’t need one?
          Well, do you?

          So, moving on. Are you up to writing a post vigourously promoting birth control and advocating a lot more investment into cutting-edge medical technology to facilitate this, thus eventually ( sooner rather than later) abrogating the need for abortion entirely?
          Do you not believe this is a more noble venture?


        1. Arkenaten

          Good heavens’ Wally. Not only do you re blog others’ post that you do not properly understand, but you have stooped to plagiarizing other’s One – Liners as well.
          May I suggest a Thesaurus?
          And if you don’t know what this is, get hold of a dictionary and work your way forward, okay mate?


  5. madblog Post author

    Okay well, I don’t have time to moderate this kind of chitchat, endlessly witty though it is. Either we converse about the post, or we’re all done.

    So Ark, why are you unwilling to engage with the substance presented here? The questions are extremely simple and you haven’t been able to respond to the simplest, like: what. do. you. mean?

    Life’s too short to spend it throwing barbs at people when you could be communicating. Your last chance to be taken seriously my friend.


        1. Arkenaten

          It is a perfectly accurate response.

          We are both adults and both reasonably intelligent. This is why I feel sure you do not need an explanation.
          And I’ll say once more. You don’t need one do you?
          You didn’t answer whether you ate meat by the way?
          You’re not afraid of answering are you?


    1. Arkenaten

      I have articulated my beliefs. You are failing to understand – or, I suspect, just being a little obtuse, hmm? And simply for the sake of trying to get me to write what you want
      This seems a rather childish approach from my perspective.
      So, do you eat meat, Madblog?


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  7. colonialist

    I have to say that from what I can glean from this exchange Ark – with many of whose views I have agreed or debated over amicably in the past – is here showing as completely out of line, obtuse, illogical and wantonly abusive.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. madblog Post author

    I went on over to ark’s post responding to mine. Here is my response:

    My comparison of Nazis to abortion providers was the point of the post. Bravo for discerning that.
    The comparison is well-travelled, I admit, but with good reason. Comparing abortion to the annihilation of six million is indeed fitting but inadequate. The tally in the U.S. is 54 million and counting. We leave the Nazis in the dust.

    Nowhere in the post do I reference my faith or “religious convictions” to support my thoughts. One does not need the support of religious faith to demonstrate the utter atrocity of legal abortion any more than one needs religious support to ground revulsion of any other human slaughter, such as the extermination of millions by Nazi Germany.
    Such atrocities are plain and self-evident as evil. The trouble I think you’re having is that you have no grounds at all to label anything good or evil. As a proud atheist, you cannot refer to any objective standard in order to condemn one action or praise another. You cannot tell me why my comparison is disgusting because you really don’t know.

    After refusing to engage with the substance in the post, you have nothing. But you don’t move on, no. I have only wonder for a person who goes to the trouble to visit, on purpose, only to spend two/three days harassing rather than engaging.
    “instead of being drawn into a dialogue with this woman I merely registered my disgust and stated that no intelligent person would need an explanation why the post was wrong on so many levels.”
    I don’t have that kind of time to waste on such pointlessness.

    Followed by caricatures and bloviations on what “these people” think. Divine Command Theory? I like to justify slavery? Yikes. You sure are reaching.
    (Such obvious) straw men are easy to ridicule. It takes a bit of intellectual effort to confront and reason with other real people and you’ve made it abundantly clear that you are unwilling to engage in the effort.
    Echo chambers can get pretty monotonous my friend. Maybe it’s why you travel so much.

    Then the meat thing. Oy. Your post actually turns into a discussion on veganism.
    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Hitler was a vegan too. There I go again.

    Hitler, along with many of his true believer Nazi cohorts, experienced no cognitive dissonance over practicing veganism while systematically slaughtering millions of human beings. Apparently you do not see the dissonance either.


    1. Wally Fry

      I popped over and read that Madelyn. Good reply. Nothing that was said in the post was even close to an accurate rendering of what you actually posted.

      I do find it enlightening that Ark does not consider his own existent more valuable than that of a cow, other than from the standpoint that he values his own existence.

      The gist of the conversations I have had on this are simply that no life has any inherent or intrinsic value, other that what others assign to it. Perspective seems to be everything.

      I was told if I wanted to know the value of a cow, to ask the cow. Ok that sounds like a plan to me!

      It’s quite disturbing that some are madly and passionately concerned about whether or not you and I eat meat, but consider the opposition to the murder of millions of children to be an evil act itself.

      Frankly, the logic escapes me.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Arkenaten

      I know you did not mention religion. But this is like visiting an arsonist’s site and them not mentioning bonfires on one post and then complaining I mentioned they were an arsonist.
      It is well known that you ad your ilk support your view on abortion with your utterly ridiculous religious beliefs.

      I most certainly did engage. Only you did not like the fact I did not tackle your post head-on on moral grounds.
      I suspect this must have pissed you off somewhat as you then resort to suggesting I have no objective moral standard?
      And thus, you believe we might all somehow be lawless savages if it were not for Yahweh (sic)
      Hmmm, have you checked the statistics on US prison inmates, Madblog? Maybe you should.

      Now , as you consider your god, Yahweh, is your objective standard then I would be very cautious before bragging about who you base your ethics and morality on. All things considered.

      Echo chambers can get pretty monotonous my friend. Maybe it’s why you travel so much.

      ”Friend”? Taking a few liberties I see. Well, you would know about echo chambers, of course, so I shall defer to your greater experience.

      And you never did answer whether you are prepared to do a post pushing for better methods of birth control and improved medical technology in this field.

      Do you have issues with contraception as well, Are you anti UID?

      Please explain where I am ”reaching” with regards DCT and Slavery?
      Christianity was at one time fully behind slavery just as certain areas of your religion were used to justify Apartheid and racial segregation in the states and elsewhere. Your religion is still fully behind DCT so while you bemoan Hitler and his Nazi cohorts ( rightfully so ) you think your god is perfectly in his right to enact any sort of genocide his petulant mood decides.

      Yes, I am fully aware that Hitler was vegan.
      And you experience no cognitive dissonance over the systematic slaughter of millions of other animals simply for human consumption.

      I wonder what that tells us?

      Why not sit down to a nice roast puppy this evening? You could even put a juicy apple in its mouth to make it fun!
      I suspect you might have to bleed it out first, but you shouldn’t have any problems with this right? You’ve read all the sacrifice stories in the bible so you should be a dab hand.


      1. Wally Fry

        “you then resort to suggesting I have no objective moral standard”

        Fascinating. So, do you have one? What is it? I have become confused due to your repeated references to perspective being the key.

        What is your objective moral standard you evidently claim and what is it’s source?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wally Fry

          That’s absurd. Evolution by nature…evolves. That would be a changing, or subjective moral standard. You are sort of slow for such an enlightened intellectual.

          Again. You took insult at the suggestion that you have no objective moral standard.

          I don’t want to be in the business of saying something about you that is not true.

          So, what is your objective moral standard, and where does it come from?


        2. Arkenaten

          Well I consider evolution my standard for morality whereas you prefer to go by the standard of an egotistical, genocidal meglomaniacal Canaanite Deity.
          I’d say the winner here is a no brainer.


        3. madblog Post author

          You’re going to have to identify which evolutionary theory you’re referencing, since there are now many, and disputes among ev scientist abound. Which one would you say supports your objective standard for human morality?

          Then you going to have to explain how a blind mindless process can confer objective moral law and how that moral law can produce a value system.
          Then you’ll have to explain how such a process can produce a kinder version than the one which came from an egotistical, genocidal meglomaniacal Canaanite Deity.


        4. Arkenaten

          I dont have to do anything of the sort.
          You cite Yahweh, as heinous a monster as one might come across and you expect me to justify my source of morality?
          My dear, you really need to re-evaluate your worldview. And quickly.

          What’s for dinner by the way?

          Liked by 1 person

        5. madblog Post author

          Thanks for being predictable, and always proving our points.
          You do if you want anyone to understand what the heck you’re talking about, and if you want to be taken at all seriously.

          Again, if you think you’re being insulting by suggesting I…cook dinner..?
          Is food preparation considered subservient at your place?


        6. Arkenaten

          Come on, Madelyn, un-moderate my comments. Just for this thread. It is becoming tiresome.
          I promise not to swear at you or Wally.
          You have my word as un unprincipled, ”immoral” non-Yahwehist atheist.


        7. Arkenaten

          Well, I feel persecuted. Can’t you at least un-moderate my comments, then?
          I do understand why you might want to moderate Wally. Who wouldn’t, right?
          I have been considering doing similar.
          I just have to wait ’til he visits my blog.


        8. Wally Fry

          here is a thought. Explain how a changing process produces an objective standard of any sort. I am keeping this simple so surely you can do it. Quit burying this in your mindless assertions and rabbit trails and answer


        9. Arkenaten

          Thank you for keeping it simple. I hope this wasn’t too difficult for you?
          I am busy watching a movie on the laptop at the moment – Elysium, good film – so can’t give this my fullest attention, Wally. My first thought would be: I actually don’t know. But according to the bible, your god (Yahweh) changes all the time.
          Why not ask him?


        10. Wally Fry

          Ah. OK. So, you don’ know how an every changing moral standard based on every changing evolutionary states and the perspective of the species in question can generate an objective moral standard, yet you maintain that it does and become insulted when somebody says you don’t have such a standard in your life.

          Ok got it.


        11. Arkenaten

          Just noticed this pop up. Watching another movie, Wally. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Excellent feel good romp.
          Insulted? Moi?
          No, I take my cues from evolution.
          I take it for granted Mother Nature knew what she was doing and it all turned out okay.
          I realise you put more stock in the morality as displayed by Noah for example. But that’s what makes the sun go round the world right?

          The real question is how do you adhere to an objective morality that is based on the say so such a dirt bag as Yahweh?
          Why on earth would anyone do this?


        12. Wally Fry


          I didn’t ask where you took your cues from.

          How do you get an objective moral standard from an ever changing evolutionary state? You get that objective implies unchanging while evolving implies constant change right?

          So, an actual answer to the question rather than the standard deflections, mockery, and insults would be rather refreshing.


        13. madblog Post author

          We both know that you’re not going to get that actual answer, Wally. This post has generated by far the most views for any on my blog but I’m about to close comments. I’ve already stopped replying myself. It’s pointless. I just need to put my attention elsewhere.


        14. Arkenaten

          I have explained.
          I can be objective about evolution.
          But because you do not believe in evolution, you aren’t actually looking for objective morality, at all, but wondering how I can find an absolute authority without a god? And not just any god, but your particular version of the Christian god.
          Now, the real problem I have with your scenario ( aside from the fact your god was a genocidal maniac) is why you, as a ( presumably) thinking, intelligent adult, believe that an octogenarian member of the tribe of Levi went up a mountain and had to have his moral code for life engraved on two stone tablets?
          This suggests that if this had not happened you could well have turned out an incestuous , unethical, immoral baby-sacrificing savage.
          I, on the other hand, do not need such tales to realise it is wrong to murder, steal, rape.
          Evolution seems to have sorted all this out for me.

          Liked by 1 person

        15. Arkenaten

          Oh, as Madblog rather nastily always holds everything I post in Moderation, it makes for a very stilted,somewhat drawn out and frustrating conversation. If you want to carry on this chat in an uninterrupted manner we can do so on my blog if you fancy?
          Unless Madblog cares to remove moderation.


        16. madblog Post author

          The ONE comment trashed had no substance and consisted entirely of a glib insult to another commenter. All such comments will be trashed.


    1. Arkenaten

      Yeah, shame about all those witches, right?
      And Catholics and then Protestants and th Cathars and Jews and Negroes, and , and , and ,….
      Good old Christianity.
      Odd how Hitler was A Christian.
      Got to love it!


  9. Arkenaten

    Oh and for the record, there are millions of Christian women who have had abortions and who will continue to have abortions.
    Maybe it is time you accepted and addressed this reality and truly strove to help find a way for more effective contraception?

    Like the Catholic Church seem to be coming around.
    Better late than never, right?


    1. madblog Post author

      YOU are promoting the same yardstick to human beings that every tyrant, every promoter of relative personhood in history has. The Bible provides the foundation for the intrinsic value of all persons.
      As for the rest of your tactical distractions, try some higher hanging fruit.
      I have things to do.


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  11. archaeopteryx1

    The Bible provides the foundation for the intrinsic value of all persons.

    So it would seem —

    “Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open.”
    — Hosea 13:16 —


    1. archaeopteryx1

      Could someone please tell me how ripping babies from their mother’s bellies could be called anything but god-sanctioned abortion? And without anyone’s ‘freedom of choice’?


  12. Arkenaten

    Again, if you think you’re being insulting by suggesting I…cook dinner..?
    Is food preparation considered subservient at your place?

    Lol… I cook dinner regularly and can turn my hand to many things in the kitchen.
    I was actually referring to what animal you might be eating for dinner.


        1. Arkenaten

          Oh, sorry. You mean you just don’t like dogs. Aaah. Sorry. Us atheists are so slow.
          It’s all this talk of Divine Command Theory and wotnot. Your religion always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
          A bit like roast dog would, I suppose, and how pork or beef would too.
          So, how about cats?
          Or maybe a little roast hamster?

          Go down a treat with a bit of HP or mustard.


        2. madblog Post author

          No Ark, I have no moral problem with eating animals and I am in no way ashamed of it. I particularly like eating the seafood variety.
          You have the more difficult burden of moral integrity, as I have explained. Even if you see a child as equivalent to a chicken, how do you justify the killing of the first but deplore the killing of the second?


        3. madblog Post author

          You have been justifying the killing of millions of children since you started commenting on my post…or have you become pro-life>


        4. madblog Post author

          You must be looking at some pretty whacked science. A different definition of “child”will be a new addition in anyone’s book.

          So what is that in a human’s womb? A tree? A cat?

          This is downright stupid and comments are closed.


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    1. madblog Post author

      Before you commented, I had called comments closed. Although your comment was worth discussing, I decided to simply be arbitrary and consider the discussion closed no matter what came.

      Liked by 1 person

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