Reasons Why

Women’s Christian ministry STUFF. Study guides with helpful lists of self-improvement to-do’s, obvious and generic. Sure enough there was the one required item on nearly all lists:

“Christian woman, we know you’re agonizing over your faults; remember not to beat yourself up. Really, you have to stop being so hard on yourself.

If God can forgive you, you should forgive yourself!  Look:  “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”’  

Am I the only one who has no problem with this item? I can forgive myself anything instantly. I do not struggle one iota to give myself a pass.

I have rather to train myself the other way: to recognize when I’ve sinned and take responsibility for it.  My default is to let it go.

I automatically excuse myself for the very same sin or transgression that I would condemn in anyone else. After all, even though it wasn’t right, I have good reasons for what I did. They’re just being selfish.

We look anywhere for self-validation, anywhere but where real validation comes from.

There’s an awesome song by Nickel Creek. I relate to the speaker quite well. “Others have excuses; I have my reasons why.”

Knowing how hard it hurts when we fall,

we lean another ladder against the wrong wall.

And climb …high…to the highest rung

to shake fists at the sky…

Others have excuses

I have my reasons why.

We don’t want His validation. We want our way. At least I do. And if I have to “make mistakes” along the way, I have my reasons why.




1 thought on “Reasons Why

  1. lang3063

    This is an interesting contrast to the men’s ministry STUFF which usually admonishes us to quit dragging our knuckles on the ground and fess up that we really DO check out every female in visual range while neglecting to take out the trash or buy flowers for our long-suffering wives. Not a whole lot about forgiving ourselves…

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