What If

This is just a pipe dream, I know. But what if all the money that Planned Parenthood raked in instead went to support women who find themselves pregnant and needing support?

What if the approximately $530 million in U.S. federal funding was allowed to flow organically to solutions for those women? What if instead of handing over the couple hundreds out of pocket, or the padded insurance reimbursements; women kept that money to establish stable families for their children? What if they used that money to create homes for themselves and their children?

What if our culture gave them hope?

What if Planned Parenthood stopped creating the culture which persuades young women that they are on their own and vulnerable, that their families are dysfunctional and  unreliable? That their only hope is to get rid of the child and keep it from their parents? That the only choice available requires a death? What if young women were encouraged to look to their families in their time of need?

What if young women weren’t exploited for their cash and their political affections?

Think how many resources are turned toward hopelessness and death. Think how much money there would be to actually help women where they are and give them real hope.

Planned Parenthood runs on the price of desperation and the destruction of support that women need.


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