THOSE Christians

From my favorite author.

Glass Planet

When my wife and I were relatively young in the faith we listened to a number of preachers on the radio.  Books could be written about pros and cons, risks and benefits but I’ll cut to the chase.  There was one guy in particular who caught our attention.  It didn’t matter where his presentation started out; in the end he was bound to land on the hypocrites with both feet.  The unloving, narrow-minded, self-righteous, grace-impaired blemishes on our love-feasts.  The ones who give Christ a bad name.  You know who I mean.  The ones whose witness drives people away from Christ.  The rotten apples.  Those Christians.

Of course the offenses of these unnamed miscreants were contrasted with grace and humility and true holiness, as expounded upon by no less an authority than Mr. Radio Preacher himself.  He even threw in the obligatory “I’m bad, too” line now and then, just…

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