Marriage Type #2 with a Short Play

Most of us don’t understand what marriage actually is, and we have not a clue about what it can be. Help is to be found in the book handed down to us from its Designer and from other married couples who do understand it.

I am bewildered by marriages where each spouse seems to strive mightily for his and her own way. Those people never comprehended the contract that they were signing.

Oftentimes, one sees this popular dynamic: the wife who, because she was not given an understanding of the depth of the riches included in the marriage package, nor the way to appropriate them, seeks more superficial items which supply fleeting comforts. The husband of this pair, because has not attained an understanding of marriage either, tries to satisfy his wife, first with a vague notion of his culturally stereotypical obligations;  eventually with a capitulation to her increasingly dissatisfied demands.

The Play

Scene #1:

Her: I thought there would be candy. Give me candy I want candy.

Him: But I thought there was a nutritious feast around here somewhere…

Scene #2:

Her: You are not deeply into our marriage. You are not willing to work on our marriage. I want a deeper relationship. I think it’s called chocolate. Give me chocolate.

Him: (Sighs) I don’t understand about chocolate. I’m an unfeeling dope.

Scene #3:

Her: Give me chocolate! We’re in trouble because you never give me chocolate and you don’t care about chocolate.

Him: What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I give her the candy she needs?

Scene #4:

Her: Give me chocolate!

Him: Here’s your chocolate dear. I’m going golfing…or to the bar…or to the somewhere else.

Scene #5:

Her: That chocolate is the wrong kind. If you really loved me, you would give me better chocolate.

Him: Here’s better chocolate.


Scene #6:

Him and Her: Where is that feast I heard about? It never existed.




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