Hate in the Bathroom

That time protecting your child’s innocence became bigotry…

We used to value the innocence of children as well as the right of parents to educate their children about the world in their own way, and in their own time.

In this time we call the Theater of the Absurd, we seem to have forgotten why there were ever separate bathrooms for separate genders in the first place.  Indoor plumbing is a miraculous convenience which allows us to go through our days blithely unengaged with the one humbling activity our physical bodies require. We can do what’s necessary privately then quickly return to our significant busy-ness. Can’t we just do our business and resume our day?

Using a public restroom can be an skeevy experience under the best of circumstances. Now it also becomes a classroom where our kids might have confusing change-agency thrust upon them. Do we have to explain the world to our kids every time we go out in public? Do we have to give our child a lesson in human psychology because she had to go to the restroom?

Do we need to evaluate each individual’s intentions and personal gender identification before we decide he has a right to use our bathroom? Are we required to be mind-readers now?  Why don’t we simply go in the place with the gender-appropriate fixtures and no surprises?

Do small children have to bear the burdens of our grown-up controversies? Do innocent kids have to change their ways because of the righteous passion of your political activism?

Every time they have to go to the bathroom?

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

I’ve now been accused of hate. Because I want to explain the physiology of humans to my children in my own time. Now you are telling me that my child will be educated at the time that you require, you will choose the subject and the lesson, and the sooner the better.

Don’t we all want to use the public restroom without thinking very much about it and go on with our lives? What kind of movement appropriates using the bathroom as its storming the Bastille moment? It’s not us using the children to make our point.

Being a parent is a noble role, one which deserves honor, consideration and respect. We ought to protect the relationship between parents and children, and ought not to insert ourselves into that significant bond with our agendas.

Hey look at that. I got through this whole rant without using any expletives at all. That’s something you never see on the other side of this issue.





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