The value system offered to women by Planned Parenthood and ideological Feminism is insufficient to meet the demands of the typical life of any female.

Perhaps the most illustrative example: it is normal for women for a significant span of their lifetimes to be vulnerable to becoming pregnant. Feminism requires that that normal–the possibility of becoming pregnant from engaging in sex– be erased in the pursuit of being equal to men. And that appears to mean the same as men.

If I do become pregnant, in most of the United States, I have the legal freedom and the societal approval to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and pay them to end the life of my child, no questions asked, at any time during my pregnancy.

Feminist ideology tells me that I must have that right or else I am not free, I am not a person possessing full rights, I am not equal to men. I am less than a man if I cannot kill my child. I am less than a man if I cannot erase my fertility. I am less than a man if I must prioritize childcare over an uninterrupted career.

In other words, Feminism does not respect my intrinsic value as a woman. As a human being, I am less than some others.

Feminism does not value the things that make me a woman. Feminism rejects my feminine nature in favor of acquiring a male nature. It marginalizes what makes a woman a woman. Feminism tells me that, as a woman, I am inadequate and insufficient.

Here’s a quote I happened upon today lifted from a Facebook comment. There are many like it:

“With access to birth control ( which is under assault), women now have the power and autonomy. We can decide for ourselves what is right for us. Without access to reproductive services , that autonomy and power will cease. Vote.”

She said that without birth control, by which they mean abortion-on-demand, I cannot exercise my potential, possess autonomy, or conceive of myself as a person with power.

If somebody might have to die in order for me to be a full human being…something is very wrong with the options my culture is offering me. If we must dangle death over the lives of our potential children in order to be truly equal to men…I would say that we are not prepared by Feminism for the realities of life, and that Feminism does not believe I am equal to a man.

The truth is I am equal to a man, I am as valuable as a man, whether or not I am fertile or infertile, whether or not I am pregnant or not pregnant, whether or not I have several children or no children; whether or not I must interrupt my career to have a baby, whether or not I choose to be a full-time stay-at-home parent for awhile. Or forever.

Can we find solutions to challenging circumstances which don’t include killing innocent people? What do you think?

My validity as a person does not depend on robbing another person of her validity. My personhood does not depend on erasing someone else’s personhood. I can be who I am, confident of my worth, without robbing someone else of her worth. To be of value, must I rob another person of her life?

10 thoughts on “Insufficient

  1. john zande

    “I am less than a man if I cannot kill my child”

    Okay, here we go again.

    Please tell me, Madblog, How can you kill something that cannot die?

    Your language, not mine, so please justify it.


    1. madblog Post author

      And once and for good, that question has been answered many times, it is not even remotely my language, and it will not appear on my blog again. But thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. john zande

        It is your language. I just quoted you using the word, “Kill.”

        And no, you have never answered the question. If you think you have, then please give it to me again.

        How can you “kill” something that cannot die?


    1. madblog Post author

      Leila Rose, and John Zande: This line of discussion can be read in the comments after “Some Persons Have No Rights” and originally in “War on Children” both found on my blog under the LIFE category. That reading will have to suffice, or you may take the subject to another blog; but I will not be rehashing that pointless discussion again.
      I apologize.


        1. madblog Post author

          I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to imply that your question was pointless. On the contrary, I think it is exactly the right one, and it’s the one I pursued. It’s just that the discussion, for other reasons which you may gather if you read the other threads, will probably not bear fruit. Sorry, I just don’t want to go over it again here.


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