Don’t Waste the Vinyl!

Cringing when I see…Vinyl-Record-Bowl

While we blithely trash all of the quaint relics of our past in order to make clever-clever accessories in order to establish our hipster identity, we actually confirm that we do not appreciate the past at all.

Our quest to be authentic more often than not displays our cluelessness about the value of the things which are authentically significant.


When I was in art school, my studio-mate Andrew one day brought in his rendition of Laurie Anderson’s latest boon to culture and nailed it to the wall. It was her floppy single record which had been inserted in the latest issue of ArtForum, ironed flat.

That was a clear and concise statement. No words needed.

What do we say when we do this?


If you get the brilliance of (artist from at least 20 years ago who has been deemed worthy) more deeply than the general public, you can show that by putting the record on your brand-new vintage suitcase record-player with the tiny speakers and listening to it, but I would recommend that you make a real commitment to authenticity by investing in a system with decent sound quality. That would be reeeeally authentic dude.

Maybe talk about the music or the artist, share it with others. You’ll be bringing ideas, thoughts and feelings from the past into the now, allowing the artist to speak to our culture.

The point is, listen to the record. Hear the music, process the lyrics. There may be content in them. The performer may be saying something of substance. Think about it. Enjoy it. Love music. That is what you do with a vinyl record.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Waste the Vinyl!

    1. madblog Post author

      I whined long enough and my family bought me a new stereo system for Christmas. My last one bit the dust a few years ago. Must continue their lessons in cultural literacy…
      If they complain about my music, the joke’s on them!

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  1. Gastradamus

    That’s Awesome. How did you think of that. What a great way to keep a Vinyl record with style. You seem to have the creative jean and we want those jeans at gastradamus. I would really like your input on a few of my stories.



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