They Called It the Prayer; Its Answer Was Law

In Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not a Gadget, the author mentions a very important truth: rather than creating machines to be  our servants, we tend to adapt ourselves to the machine, the gadget, the program. Please read.

Glass Planet


Why do people want to be ruled by machines?  Why are so many people happy to go mooing along like cybernetic cows, contentedly munching the digital grass served up by the kid geniuses and robber barons of the new age, who laugh as the western world throws away incalculable amounts of time, money, concentration and emotional capital every time they market a new shiny thing or improve our software for us?  Do we actually enjoy all the effort to figure out how to operate the new stuff every time our whiz-kid heroes like Gates or Zuckerberg get bored and want to add a few billion to their accounts?

Look, if you want to call me a Luddite, be my guest.  I used to read a newspaper.  It showed up on my doorstep and included most of what I needed or wanted to know.  I didn’t have to buy an expensive…

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