Just a Tiny Bit About My Mom

When my Mom was 39, she had her sixth child, a girl. Me. When I was 39, I had my sixth  child, a girl. We gave her my name. Here is that daughter and my Mom, last year.


My Mom is so stubborn she defies medical science. With each doctor’s evaluation, she is declared healthier than she was before. Her cardiologist doesn’t want to see her til the fall. Almost a year ago, we brought her home from a few months rehab. Before that she hadn’t been in the hospital since I was two. She wasn’t on any medication until about five years ago.

Her physical health is improving.   Apparently, she is in better health at 95 than she was at 94.

Take that, Doctors. Think you’re gonna treat her like an old person.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I don’t know who deserves the honor more.



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