Mother’s Day Grinches

Scrooges and Grinches aren’t confined to Christmas. This is what I found on my Facebook newsfeed today:

The Founder of Mother’s Day Later Fought to Have it Rescinded

Why I Hate Mother’s Day

Sorry about Mother’s Day, my childfree girlfriends: Moms aren’t any more special (or unselfish) than you

A Toast to All The Brave Kids Who Broke Up with Their Toxic Moms

I do understand that Mother’s Day is legitimately hurtful to some women. We can’t always control how we feel. It has to be emotionally difficult for women who struggle with infertility.  And I’m thinking right now about a young woman I know who should be celebrating her second Mother’s Day, but I attended her little boy’s funeral only about a month ago.

Of course, for a lot of people, it’s a day to miss your Mom.

I don’t think those places are where articles like these come from. These offerings are from the Resentfully Childfree, the too-hip, the knee-jerk societal skeptics.  Are we really so self-absorbed and tight-hearted that we can’t stand other people being honored occasionally? For things we maybe chose to opt out of anyway?

It wouldn’t bother me if we had a Singles’ Day, a Women’s Day, even a Childfree Day. Choose your lifestyle and more power to you. Honestly, I wouldn’t rain on your parade.

To tell the truth, as a mother, I don’t love Mother’s Day. As a person with a mother, I’m glad to honor my mother, and I’m blessed in the extreme that she’s still with me.

But being the recipient of socially compulsory honor is a booby-trap. If you listen to the expectations you’re bound to feel disappointed when you’re meant to feel grateful and validated. And your kids might mean it like the dickens, but it’s hard to make it look authentic with the purchased card and the perfect florist flowers. Homemade is heartfelt, but I’d still rather not be honored because it would bring shame on the honorer to omit it. Don’t worry, kids. I know. Just let me bypass making dinner, and I’m satisfied.

So maybe the jury’s still out on Mother’s Day. But let’s not be ugly about it.






1 thought on “Mother’s Day Grinches

  1. madblog Post author

    My FB friend wasn’t satisfied with her attempted destruction of M day. Tonight she posted this. On Mother’s Day:

    The Mothers Who Regret Having Kids

    “When studying parents in comparison to their childless counterparts, researchers have found that “parents, and mothers in particular, do not report greater happiness, greater health, greater psychological well-being than people who have never had kids.”



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