Seriously, Stop Melting Vinyl

We may look back at The Cloud in a few years as one item in a list which also includes cassette tapes, 8-tracks and laser discs.

And where will all your music be? In a cloud. Imaginary. Memories.

We might have still had all that music, but you melted it.

At least it was to make something important.

And really creative.


And really beautiful.

I am afraid that someday we won’t remember Harry James, Dave Brubeck or Chuck Berry because you melted all traces of their work. And some corporation swore to us that they would keep all our music safe for us in a really special secret place and then forgot where it was before it decided it knew what music was best for us.

Have you been hearing about this outrage?

Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.

It seems, at least according to this writer, that once Apple has stored for you all the music that you’ve spent many careful months or years assembling, they don’t see it as your music but theirs. You may think they’re faithfully keeping it safe it for you but when you ask to hear it, it may take some time, they may give you an alternate version which they’ve decided is better, or it may simply have vanished like a dementia patient’s memory.

I departed from iTunes a few years ago when they forced me to upgrade and my library vanished. The stuff I had paid for as well as the music I had spent hours patiently downloading and organizing, all gone.

I never trusted that invisible somewhere-bank where my cherished music was supposedly kept. I don’t believe it’s in my possession unless I can hold a physical copy. That’s why I’m asking you nicely. Please don’t melt the vinyl.

Part 1 here: Don’t Waste the Vinyl!



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