Singing Songs Over Utter Tragedy

Please don’t.

Please don’t suggest that there is some beautiful side to be found when evil simply walks in and kills people.

Please don’t regurgitate your pretty song lyrics onto social media so we can all feel better about people getting violently murdered. And so we, the living and the safe, can comfort ourselves and move on with our lives. (And be reminded of your amazing artistry.)

Don’t post wistful memes about how fondly you remember the victims, candles and peaceful images galore. Don’t rush to remember the victims when their loved ones are still unable to comprehend their loss.

Please don’t even look for the bright side. In this world, in this life, there isn’t one. We need to recognize and understand that horrible things are just horrible. Loss is violent. Loss is loss and nothing will ever fill in the empty space.

It is complete and total evil. Utter tragedy. It’s wrong and there is nothing right, sadly pretty, or comforting to be found here.

Oh but watch how beautifully she sang. She’s singing with the angels now.

And her family will live with a giant black hole in their home forever. They are still reliving the violence, over and over. They will never recover. Every holiday will be part grief. They will be torn to pieces because they have no choice but to invite the senselessness, the absurdity, the hatred, and the forgiveness into their lives, and they will have to pour years of their lives into making some resolution with them all.

Don’t try to turn ugliness and evil into pretty. You can’t.

2 thoughts on “Singing Songs Over Utter Tragedy

    1. madblog Post author

      Oh, the pagan memorial sites!! The dead don’t enjoy balloons or teddy bears, no.
      Tragedy is tragedy. Not speaking to what’s after this life just here, but in this life such a thing is pure awful.

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