NARAL Says: Celebrate UnFathers

NARAL Says, Celebrate UnFathers’ Day on Father’s Day

There are lots of good insights in this thoughtful essay.

The NARAL Pro-Choice America’s t-shirt marketing piece was penned by a young woman who starts the email by saying how wonderful her dad is.  Here’s a quote:  

“My dad was the coach of my little league team, used to braid my hair before swim class, and taught me to drive. He made sure that I always had the same opportunities as my brother, and refused to let the fact that I was a girl get in the way of accomplishing my goals.” 

A careful reading of the above illuminates a key point that this young woman fails to see because she is blinded by her ideology.   She is not gushing about her dad because he made just any choice.  She is celebrating him because he made life affirming and self-sacrificing choices. Her father placed her life, her wants, and her needs above his own.  And the troubling irony is that the t-shirts that she is marketing celebrate men who don’t.  

Heroes don’t sacrifice the vulnerable for themselves.  They sacrifice themselves for the vulnerable.

Moreover, when you consider the reasons why women have abortions, they are very much linked to the lack of support from pro-choice men.  For example, research recently published in Sexual and Reproductive Health indicated that 48% of women surveyed stated, “Don’t want to be a single mother” as a reason they aborted. In addition, 73% of the women–most of whom where unmarried—cited, “Can’t afford a baby now” as the reason for their abortion. 

We also must consider the fact that abortion hurts men….it stands to reason that there are formerly pro-choice men who now rightly regret their decision to support taking the life of their child.  And to them getting a “Happy UnFather’s Day” NARAL tee shirt would be like putting acid on an open wound. 

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