Apparently I Have a Cabal

According to one blogger who disagrees with me on various issues, I have a cabal: a pious banning-cabal to be more specific. I must warn my fellow cabalists to adopt their new identities.

Kudos to insanitybytes for this “Rave Reviews”idea.

Oh, she’s stark raving nuts, i know. Literally, that woman should only be given plastic spoons to eat with.

Oh, dear. I just looked through your blog, madblog. It screams, “FUNDIE!”
Conversation stopper for me.

…strikes me as the product of a somewhat delusional or maybe even borderline psychotic personality.

…human ignorance and gullibility, which…you epitomize.

…people like you promote Yahweh and the bible as truth and the millenia of abuse and human misery has resulted in situations such as ISIS etc. and the crap we are currently seeing with the ZIKA virus.

…why people like Madblog make me sick to my stomach with their disgusting hypocritical morality.

The… cognitive dissonance boggles the mind.

Why not sit down to a nice roast puppy this evening? You could even put a juicy apple in its mouth to make it fun!

…the vitriolic, self-righteous method in which people like Madblog pursue it will gain nothing but alienation.

…milch cow… (my personal favorite)

I knew a lady like Madblog once…

…you cannot ‘argue’ (dispute, discuss, rationalise) with a mad dog.

 …this particular Christian’s case she feels compelled to hammer the issue that morality can only derive from the Christian deity, Yahweh, while carefully avoiding any mention whatsoever of said deity or the goat herders to whom this morality was dictated to.

When a person demonstrates that type of willful ignorance, that willingness to lie, then there’s really not much you can do with such a person but contain them so they do not infect society at large.

What Madblog has given us here is a stunning view of the Christian mind in action when it comes to inconvenient facts. We should thank her.

Can anyone spell, M A D N E S S ?…

…Yes, M A D B L O G, in her response to you below.

And today’s winner, this vein-popper from one blogger on one comment thread:

Like the rest of the pious banning cabal, Madblog states her beliefs and accusations as if facts and, when challenged or corrected by facts, refuses to alter them. If one continues to try, then she becomes even more strident but adds the spice of dismissiveness into the mix with more moderation. Any further corrective responses are interpreted by Madblog to be examples of unsolicited rudeness and meanness and vindictiveness, resulting in what she interprets to be her unfair persecution… especially if they come from some godless baby killing heathen, but a burdensome cost that is the result of her piousness and one she bears with a sense of victimhood. She is never wrong, just a sinful yet meek Seeker of Truth (TM)… a truth from divine insight into all her claims, of course, but also granted to like-minded believers who share her piety and ever-so-humble self-righteousness…

Oh, poor wittow you… so misunderstood (we understand just fine), so picked on (yes, brute facts are so… well… brutish), so victimized (imagine, the gall of other people actually caring about what’s true rather than go along with your deceitful beliefs repackaged as if immune from reality’s facts).

Yes, Madblog, once again you are the victim. But what you won’t wrap your head around is the fact that you are deserving of contemptuous treatment because you treat facts with such blatant contempt and dismissal. You cannot seem to summon forth the intestinal fortitude to admit that you were wrong, that you claims were factually wrong, as if the sky will fall and the world will shatter should you ‘lower’ yourself to the same standards of respecting what’s true that so many others submit to willingly.

But not you. No way. You’re too special a snowflake (what with God Himself whispering insight into your selected ears… [But I’m not worthy, Lord! Look how humble I am!). Everyone else should treat you and your diversionary comments (meant to avoid the issue of you getting your facts confused with your incorrect beliefs) with respect and just go along with your exemption… because you deserve it, of course. I mean, God Himself selected you – humble as you are – so hey, we should too and presume your disregard for facts is perfectly reasonable and quite acceptable.

Umm… no.

The problem here, Madblog, is not with others. It is entirely with and on you.

By all means let’s have an adult conversation, but that involves you giving up your demand for special privileging from facts. Without accepting that ground rule, your comments are without truth value. AT ALL. They are devoid of any intellectual integrity and lack any respect for what is the case; rather, they just become bullhorn pronouncements of your beliefs imposed on a reality we share accompanied by a demand by you that we treat them with equivalent respect to what’s actually the case. Ain’t gunna happen, ever, except by mewling apologists who are willing to forego their own respect for reality and grant to you the privilege you demand….

…And this goes to the heart of my criticism of Madblog’s commentary methodology shared by her cabal: she brooks no criticism from reality. It’s not a question of ‘framing’; it’s a question of integrity and honesty. Without those, I do offer contempt to a commentator who says she desires respect for her contribution but is unwilling to offer it to commentary saddled by inconvenient facts and troubling questions…

According to Madblog who says she’s no advocate for the gun lobby (there a Red Flag), his point is a fiction, is a product of buying into propaganda, of falling for the media’s intention to deceive. Not Madblog, of course…. she can see through the Left Wing media fog and get at The Truth (TM). Her argument revolves around the point she thinks has not been reported in the media that the bill failed because it goes against the principle of having the right to a well armed militia (interpreted by non-Wild West Americans Supreme Court Justices to be the right for individuals – including suspected terrorists and terrorist sympathizers – to arm themselves however they see fit). She then claims that the perception of a ‘Wild West’ mentality by Americans to justify this massive gun ownership by the civilian population of the United States determined to avoid any reasonable restrictions on firearms and ammunition available to the general public designed for maximum kill potential over the shortest time possible is actually a Left Wing media fiction.

Now, this goes far beyond how an issue is framed. It delves into making claims that are factually incorrect and offers no counterbalance to the points raised by X. Madbolog, as she does on her own blog when challenged by compelling contrary evidence, simply declares that this mountain of evidence is nonsense and waves it away. Challenging that assertion leads her into claiming victimhood. She’s right on script. And so on.

There is no means to have a reasonable and rational discussion with such a person who uses this methodology to protect her beliefs – no matter what they are, no matter how they are framed – from honest inquiry…

…You’re so dishonest recognizing when your beliefs do not mesh with compelling evidence from reality that you can’t even do that much. That’s why you earn allies like X who suffer from the same faith-fueled colossal arrogance and intellectual hypocrisy. This method you think armors you against making factual mistakes makes you in fact foolish….

...No, we wouldn’t want reality to intrude on your very correct and godly beliefs. You don’t do reality. You only do your beliefs. That’s why you ban anyone on your blog who insists we respect what it has to say in the whatever the matter under consideration may be…

And that’s edited for context. When cited for rudeness by blog owner, this:

Although I think your criticism of my tone is fair, I would prefer it to be qualified as ‘contempt’ which I think includes the others and I come by it honestly. Doesn’t mean I have to say it, however, but I think it serves those who might wish to take Madblog’s ‘request’ to heart when she asks us “fellow bloggers, you’re hearing a lot of sensationalized crap. Please be more discerning.” Well, my commentary IS just that: more discerning because it is filled with justifiable contempt for Madblog’s tone, style, content, and method.


…You just can’t make this stuff up.

13 thoughts on “Apparently I Have a Cabal

  1. Wally Fry


    Why don’t you just say what’s on your mind, friend?


    I suspect I am a member of the “cabal,” though.

    What really upsets me most is to discover that you are apparently responsible for the Zika virus. That hits close to home, literally! 🙂

    Madelyn, kudos to you for attempting to express what was a very reasoned position over there. Sadly, it got lost in the hatred and vitriol, merely proving that the real issue is not, nor has it ever been, saving lives. The issue is the non believers anger towards and rejection of God.

    Dusting off the feet and not casting pearls before swine seems a very reasonable option at some point, but beats me if I know where that point is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Salvageable

    “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on My account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” J.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. madblog Post author

      Thanks, that hit the spot. Would you believe it…they’re still going on over there! The hate just keeps rolling in. New commenters are piling on even though I left the discussion yesterday morning. They really don’t need to converse with anyone outside the echo chamber after all.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. oldschoolcontemporary

    I’m starting to feel a little insignificant in light of the adoration people have been heaping upon you. Although I’m unsurprised, and I’ve gotten the same. “Anti-Semitic”, “bully”, “bigot”, “racist”, and worst of all, someone once called me a bad theologian. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. madblog Post author

      A bad theologian? I disagree!

      It’s not that impressive when you consider that these praises came from only three principles and a few other one-hit stragglers. I think you are familiar with the three yourself, or at least two of them. Also, I ventured over to their upside-down world, a thing I have finally renounced.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oldschoolcontemporary

        Haha, well, the above was coming from someone who considered Islam “the religion of peace” (enough said). Perhaps the dirt they seen upon the face of my theology was simply the dusty windows of their own house. After exchanging online between four or five messages they had formally withdrawn from discussions with me, the reason for which people can only guess.

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  4. madblog Post author

    As you know quite well, it doesn’t take much to set them off. Their triggers are extremely sensitive. It doesn’t matter much what you say as long as it’s not verbatim massaging of the fragile view. Actually, you just have to BE something other than they are.



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