Reflecting: Tripping Myself Up

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My fine arts training sometimes trips me up.

I earned my degree in a fine arts major where art (and certainly the artist, no matter that said artist status was a month old) was taken deadly seriously and endless lazy hours were to be spent on “critique” where the most subjective and inaccessible thoughts were encouraged, the best absurdities were rewarded with conferrance of validity.

“Validate your forms.”

“Is this piece ‘caressable’?” This discussion went on for two cringe-filled hours.

It took me years to deprogram myself. I had to be removed from that environment and clear my head with the work of real life; I had to re-configure everything I understood about being an artist, what art was for, how to relate my art to other people, whether to make my art relatable to other people…It’s a complex labyrinth and many who contemplate its meanderings never emerge in this life. Pity…

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2 thoughts on “Reflecting: Tripping Myself Up

  1. oldschoolcontemporary

    “If you read the songs of David to Solomon, you’ll find out that the first and foremost desire that God seeks in those who come to Him is truth. That is at the core, M. Wilde. That is His desire. Then there’s the description of beauty at its best. He called the people to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness―these two are inseparable. When beauty is bounded by holiness, the artist soars to the highest. The further ones gets from holiness, the greater the potential of violating beauty. Nothing profane can ever be beautiful. The artist who celebrates profanity dabbles in the hideous and the harmful. You see, M. Wilde, before anything is offered to man, it must first be offered to God. That which God cannot receive because of vileness must never be offered to a human being for his corruption.”

    The above was from the book Sense and Sensuality, by Ravi Zacharias. Though art itself is to me immensely enjoyable, the self styled artistic community are so far gone as to baffle the mind. Their abuse of all things in the struggle for self expression just goes to show “art” so poorly defined is no art at all, as everything, regardless of form or function, can became art in their eyes. I’m guessing they’ve simply recast art as every act of creativity, yet certain things they produce aren’t even creative. :/

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    1. madblog Post author

      Amen brother. So far gone for a very long time. It’s taken the Christian community a long time but there are signs of hope that we are starting to see how to regain where we ought to have been. International Arts Movement is a promising one. The arts people have to deprogram and get back to thinking God’s thoughts.



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