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I happen to know that this blog which was formerly part commentary and rabble-rousing, part fiction, is shifting its focus. It will henceforth be a creative fiction blog. This guy is one of the best writers you’ll read. Tell your friends.

Glass Planet

Harper worked quietly in the immaculate, germ-free laboratory.  The assembly protocols demanded absolute sterility and the complete absence of dust but Harper wore no gloves and no mask.  Such precautions hadn’t been necessary for centuries.

He completed the installation of the system he’d been working on for the past hour then signaled for the next set of parts and instructions, the request flowing over his direct neural connection to the quantum net.  As the next kit of parts floated into its dock on the stand by the workbench Harper picked up exchanges between some of the project specialists beaming back and forth along the quantum channels.

“Back-up plan revised based on updated project outcome projection.  If this prototype fails, then additional power conservation measures will be required.  All units associated with District Seven will be disconnected.  Power will be routed to District Eight, laboratory complex A.”

The fact that Harper…

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