No Suicides That Day, Only Murders

Today we remember an awful, awful day. Freedom Through Empowerment shares this perspective which must not be forgotten.

Freedom Through Empowerment

This video is difficult to watch. It’s a beautiful homage to those that jumped from the Twin Towers on 9/11 and pierces the heart deeply. Way down where emotions from that time are twitching and the sadness, horror and rage still raw as if it just happened yesterday.

It’s done respectfully though and I show it because I feel the soft filter of time is slowly displacing the sheer horror of what occurred, which, for me anyway, somehow disrespects the dead and leaves us vulnerable for a repeat attack.

As the narrator states, there were no suicides that day, only murders. The intense heat (steel was changing shape remember) and thick, black smoke must have been unbearable, as it forced an estimated 200 people to face an unimaginable and desperate choice; stay and surely be burned alive, or jump to certain death from 90 floors above. For a gripping account…

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