New Show, New Books

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Maddy Tree Books

I was a vendor at Lansdowne Arts on the Avenue Festival last Sunday. I had doubts but it turned out well. I received more constructive feedback from customers than ever before. I made a decent amount of money which covered the entrance fee and some major equipment. I have some outdoor-tent experience under my belt now which will pay off in future. Despite a great deal of physical effort, it was a valuable opportunity for which I’m grateful.

It was my first outdoor venue. The former venue for this show was two days and indoors, with a lovely additional opening event complete with gourmet desserts. No equipment needed. This show was six hours total and literally on the street on Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine. Bring your own tent, tables, everything.

Taking a long-range business perspective, I invested in a canopy (tent). I borrowed tables. I tried to gear up…

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