Focus is Difficult

I’ve been re-posting and reblogging, but I really haven’t written much since June. I haven’t been able to focus well enough to finish a thought.

I could say that I’m overwhelmed with all that’s on my plate, but I was doing all the same things before I stopped writing; I only took considerable time away from the other things to write. I still have just as much time, as long as I can justify writing rather than acting responsibly and getting stuff done.

I think I simply got off track. I had to prepare for VBS. I was the craft teacher for grades 4 through 6, and there are no canned craft ideas or coloring handouts for me, no! I just think the kids deserve to learn something real about the subject of the VBS theme, work on open-ended art which allows for their own creative expression, and take home something that’s not going straight to the trash. Then you have to actually prepare the materials and work out how to instruct the kids to carry it all out. (And when VBS time arrived, I had to take over in another grade unexpectedly, so we together had to come up with some craft ideas on the spot.) That might sound easy but it actually takes a lot of time and mental energy. It takes some sustained focus.

I’m not good at sustained focus. I can keep sustained focus for one extra-necessary thing at a time. I can either write or do art.

When I was on the writing track, I was thinking about writing most of the time. I always have many more posts in progress than I have finished and posted. If I had a “brilliant”, “insightful” thought I was instantly composing it for a post like I was in the grip of a bad habit.

But once VBS loomed, I was heading down the art track. After VBS, I had to get serious about my little business. I had to start making new books for the arts festival where I was going to be a vendor. And the other one. And I must be treating my business like a business and not like a hobby. Regular work times in the daily schedule and all that.

The business is micro, but it’s starting to gain momentum. Someone from a local gallery and arts center saw my booth at the fair and asked me to sell my books at the center’s shop. I am more than excited over this. I really have to pay attention to the opportunities now.

So I have been on the bookbinding and cover-designing track since July, and I’m going to be fixed on that mental track probably til early December.

I have quite a few posts in the works, but I really don’t know when I’ll be able to gather the mental steam to treat them right. Thanks to you all who are reading this; I know you’re faithful friends and I appreciate your loyalty. A hug to each of you.

Hope to talk to you soon.


Always distracted: stopping to take a picture of my picturesque arrangement because the sun.

4 thoughts on “Focus is Difficult

  1. Salvageable

    Your approach to VBS has put your name on the honor role of my heroes. I disliked sending my children to VBS, knowing that the experience would be shallow, inane, and likely to give them a bad impression of the church. How wonderful that you care enough about the children and about the Lord to make their experiences meaningful. J.

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    1. madblog Post author

      Those are kind words, thank you. Our church has had a good VBS program for a while now. They really throw themselves into it.
      My contribution is in perhaps making sure they make something they can be proud of.

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