It’s Not a Women’s March

I’m a woman. I wouldn’t be welcome at the Women’s March because I am pro-life. I am excluded.

Let’s drop the inclusive-sounding sham. It’s not a women’s march. It’s a Pro-Abortion March.

Sure, there are lots of people there. The inauguration was yesterday; the outrage is fresh and well-whipped. It’s also a Saturday. I am sad and ashamed for my country. So many gathering to promote abortion, or buying into the premise that this march is about anything else.

The March For Life happens next week. It has been the largest civil rights event anywhere. Since 1974, hundreds of thousands each year come to Washington in bitter January, without the motivator of a paradigm-shifting event which just happened. Without rage, without contempt. With hope and prayer, with perseverance.

Other women have been excluded at the Women’s March. If we’re comparing numbers, you’ll need a lot more to dwarf the many forgotten females who won’t be there today. Roughly half of 56 million.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not a Women’s March

  1. Tricia

    Ahhh, finally some common sense on all this nonsense, Knew I could count on you madblog! What a ridiculous spectacle of incredibly disempowered and disillusioned women. Pray for our country.

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