Evasion and Allegiance

Planned Parenthood Abortion Mouthpiece Exposed, Refuses to Answer Heartbeat Question Tucker Carlson

(Note especially from about 6:20)

A question for the pro-choice:

How can you have any confidence in a movement, a cause, a “truth”– whose most expert spokespersons so obviously avoid acknowledging its most fundamental facts?

If legal abortion is the most moral way, if pro-abortion entities are maintainers of social justice and civil rights, why on earth are its prominent promoters so very evasive?

Watch this video and please tell me why this woman cannot answer this fundamental question, and why she doesn’t want to. Then please tell me how you can continue to avoid questioning the pro-abortion belief system.

5 thoughts on “Evasion and Allegiance

  1. ColorStorm

    I saw that exchange via referral of a news site.

    It was positively and excruciatingly painful to watch the dodge ball game played by the lady. Agreed, if she cannot/will not answer……….

    But to leave something of worth in this comment:
    ‘the righteous tend to life.’

    In the sense of believing or not believing that God is the creator of life, many unbelievers have still been ‘righteous’ in this regard, by tending unto life in all its stages.

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