What If Susan Couldn’t Sing?

What If Susan Couldn’t Sing? Identifying and Avoiding Bad Pro-Life Arguments  by Michel Spencer

“…The performance account is elitist and intolerant….Today almost every apparent form of bigotry is condemned in the strongest possible terms. However, it seems much of this expressed indignation is precariously grounded, since the same thinking that once put blacks in leg irons now puts unborn children in garbage disposals. Like those who once viewed the black man as a “lesser human” simply because of his skin color, many today view unborn children with the same disdain simply because they do not function at the “acceptable” level for inclusion in the human community. Many who congratulate themselves for having moved beyond the bigotry of slavery now conveniently ignore or even defend the dismemberment, disembowelment, and decapitation of weak and vulnerable children in the name of “choice” simply because they do not measure up to the subjective test(s) the strong and powerful have arbitrarily established for them. This is hardly a picture of inclusivity or tolerance.”



3 thoughts on “What If Susan Couldn’t Sing?

  1. madblog Post author

    I’ve received a comment which I’ve decided not to approve. While I agree that the comment is essentially correct (I’ve seen the evidence), it mentioned another blogger by name. I’ve moderated it because I have no wish to “gossip” or to talk behind someone’s back.

    The named blogger has no problem with this sort of behavior but I do.

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