Limited Thinking via Politics

My younger friends won’t realize this, but it is not normal in culture for everything to be political. Today, there is no field, no context, no issue which is not automatically interpreted through a political perspective.

Thus thinking is limited, boxed in, flattened. That is only one facet of the negative.

When the critical mass of culture has dismissed God from their point of view, people look for a substitute provider of meaning, values, and a moral standard. Into the vacuum rushes politics.

There is nothing more useful to people who desire power. Nothing which so easily satisfies our virtue-signaling needs with so little personal effort. Nothing more sociopathic in the pursuit of opportunism. Politics is the lazy sub for the excellent teacher, theology. Politics does not hold me personally accountable as does God.

Here’s an interesting perspective:  Bombing on Stage: Comedy as Political Resistance

But  the best irony of the newfound-under-Trump-activist bent is that its proponent doesn’t realize he’s being used by the corporate entity in which journalism-is-comedy-is-advertising. So used. The comedian works for the news network, which is one outlet of the same corporation which doles out the news and the advertisements. They all imbibe the same worldview within their media fortress; news is truly manufactured in the service of mass-marketed commentary which is designed to mold and drive public opinion, no longer covertly but openly in paternership with the most powerful political persons. All media is not only connected, but working together to drive you to the voting booth and help you pull the right lever; to drive you to the market to buy the right product; to drive you to order your life in the rigid manner the powers that be see most fit.

To drive you to think the thoughts they approve and no others.

Stephen Colbert is not some brilliant guy who just happens to have found irreverence a formula for success. He’s a hack, working for corporate BUSINESS figures to produce a certain result. One result being your unexamined loyalty to said figures’ interests. Do you wonder that your news journalists and your comedians rarely differ? Even their chosen wording is eerily similar. Your newsfeed panders to your most self-affirming social issues. And wonder of wonders, the ads on the side column of your fave social media place just happen to be pushing you to buy the accompanying product to your political/social bent.

Hillary literally bought media mouths and outlets during her campaign. There was no longer any illusion of independent thinking or critical judgement. How can anyone–anyone!–still follow the party she represents when critical thinking, individual thinking, and intelligent thinking are actually excluded?



4 thoughts on “Limited Thinking via Politics

  1. Citizen Tom

    The primary issue is education. From the perspective of the political class, public schools exist for two reasons: (1) produce docile citizen, and (2) earn campaign donations from labor unions and other special interests. That’s why public schools do a lousy job, especially with respect to teaching history and civics.

    Yet the worst thing is that the public school system is incapable of teaching student about religion of their parents. Even if they tried, these days they could not be trusted. Instead, the public system produces secularists, people who believe religion does not matter.


  2. Jack Sutter

    This post just got you another subscriber.
    Well said, especially that last bit.
    Clinton’s conduct was so blatantly corrupt, and so acceptable (dare I say encouraged?) by the DNC as a whole, that I really don’t know what other conclusion a *rational* person could come to.

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