Help for Africa

If we’re talking about the progressive West’s perspective of the African continent, paternalist and elitist are the kindest descriptors that can be used.

Trudeau to Send Millions

But I would use words like racist, extortionist, megalomaniac, xenophobe…… These wealthiest of the wealthy, whitest of the white statesmen from the wealthiest places in human history dictating to their poorer and less-white neighbors, coercing them to eliminate their children.

Who is imperial? Who is the force behind injustice? Who is the self-appointed arbiter of the value of human life? I’m afraid it’s “progressives.”

It sure sounds like a march back toward the past to me–the very ugliest of our past. Why don’t you just say what you mean: There are too many of you dark people using up my resources. Here’s money. Kill more of them.

My church recently sent our pastor and another elder to Liberia to visit a ministry operated by a Liberian pastor who worshipped with us for some time last year. They were shown the hospital. The maternity department consists of a stretcher in an otherwise empty room.

Maternal deaths in labor and delivery are high there. There is urgent need for medical equipment and medical expertise. We sent what we could but imagine how transformative the results would be if the Gates or the Trudeaus sent that for which their beneficiaries are asking instead of imposing their will upon them.

9 thoughts on “Help for Africa

  1. violetwisp

    You seem to be confusing ‘imposing will on someone’ with ‘providing elective access to family planning’. Given that an estimated 1.6 million African women are treated for complications following unsafe abortions, I would say many of them would appreciate the option.


    1. madblog Post author

      And many, many African women die from complications after childbirth which are easily remedied in the West because there are no medical facilities or professionals who could have helped them. Providing money for basic health infrastructure would be of far greater benefit, and would not be ethically or morally repugnant to the recipients.
      You ought to do a little reading about this or at least watch/read the three items I provided. Trudeau has decided that African nations in which the cultures find abortion heinous and morally wrong WILL have abortion thrust upon them. Because he and his ilk know better than the little brown people what’s good for them.
      How on earth is it possible not to see this as imperial or at the very least culturally arrogant? Should we not respect all cultures?

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      1. Desdi

        Actually, no. We should NOT respect all cultures. Some cultures are clearly better than others, for women, for their children, as well as for men. The same goes for religions. All cultures are worthy of receiving the Gospel and progressing, yes… but some cultural practices are truly to be despised and eliminated ☺

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        1. madblog Post author

          I totally agree. I was trying to make a point with violet, who I’m thinking thinks of herself as a person who respects all cultures, pointing out that Trudeau obviously does not respect the cultures of African nations who will have repugnant practices “made available” to them whether they like it or not.

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    2. madblog Post author

      Also: what magic is it which appears to perform abortions safely and without medical complications in a place where basic medical treatment to pregnant and laboring women is totally absent? Do you see the agenda yet? Trudeau’s agents will appear to perform your abortion but if you need doctors, nurses or what we consider baseline medical equipment you can forget it.

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  2. Desdi

    My wife is from Central America and we often talk about the misery brought on by dysfunctional cultural practices such as (among others) knocking up women all over town and never taking an active role as father to these broods. Many under-developed regions of our world need to change their values significantly. We are under no obligation to take care of the endless humans they produce… but I am against abortion as well. I agree with you that this is globalist elitism at its infanticidal worst. So — let those societies that love popping out babies resolve their own mess (and use birth control, and/or control their drives, and learn to orgasm apart from a. I pray for more missionary work, massive revival, theological and social reform, along with promotion of literacy for such nations. But feeling guilty and then throwing money at them does nothing to further this. “Children are a blessing from the Lord” said the Psalmist. Oh yeah? Maybe when you are born into a supportive, God-fearing and minimally literate family…(I almost said: ‘as were the Israelites’ until I remembered their offering of infants to Moloch and Baal all through the OT)
    Go visit a third-world hell-hole and check the quality of life for those children. I have.

    PS: this was not meant to be callous but a sincere response to your thought-provoking post.


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