One Woman’s Mission to Expose the Western-Funded Abortion Industry in Africa

One Woman’s Mission to Expose the Western-Funded Abortion Industry in Africa

Obianuju Ekeocha is an African pro-life advocate who is making a documentary: “Killing Africa.” Excerpts from this article:

“It will show a side of Africa never covered by the usual international press. The main ones are CNN and BBC. They ignore stories that don’t fit a certain narrative. All these news organizations are interested in is showing how much Western funding given to Africa for ‘reproductive health’ and ‘family planning.’
The new film will show exactly what happens at the end of these “reproductive health” funding streams. It will show how abortion is being pushed by Western organizations in Africa. And it will show how abortion is inflicting so much pain on African women.”

” Another aspect of the documentary will show the heart-wrenching end result of some of the multi-million dollar contraception projects. Poor and rural women suffer the debilitating side effects (everything from numbness, to headaches, dizziness, sporadic bleeds and loss of libido). Most of these women didn’t just decide to use artificial contraceptives. They were talked into Western-sponsored “free” contraception. Yet when they struggled under the side effects, they had no money to go to the hospital to get treated or have them removed.”

Their voices are some of the world’s ignored and unheard voices.”

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