Just When You Thought the Civil War was Over…

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the statue-smashers in the southern U.S.  touched off a war of secession?

They are all about declaring their hatred of the established powers-that-be. They are setting themselves against the duly elected president of their own nation, and calling him “not my president.” Struggling to incite and delegitimize with the goal of establishing their own power structure. Shouldn’t this sound familiar?

Confederates rejected the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, separated from the United States of America, and established their own false government. Violent protest throughout.

It might be better to learn your history. That is the only way not to repeat it. To erase it is to condemn your children to do just that. But you didn’t wait for your kids! It’s too tragic to laugh at the activists decrying the Confederacy in order to establish a Confederacy.

It does seem as though the people who have recently discovered “1984” haven’t cracked open their brand new copies yet. Erasing history is the indispensable tool to totalitarianism.

What did we learn in Charlottesville? I’m afraid we did not learn that perfect-as-fairy-tale narratives are too perfect to be real, that you should not trust the motives of the pusher who offers you the drug that you crave most, and that manufactured protest events kill real people just as effectively as spontaneous protests do.

Besides, if you’re going to pull down the memory of racist heroes from our past, the most obvious target ought to be Margaret Sanger.

8 thoughts on “Just When You Thought the Civil War was Over…

  1. Tricia

    Yes, very well said indeed. Especially this, “It’s too tragic to laugh at the activists decrying the Confederacy in order to establish a Confederacy.”

    It’s mob rule really because the idiot politicians in Charlottesville and other liberal cities refuse to enact law and order.

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      1. Tricia

        Now you have me curious…what do you mean by manufactured turmoil? Do you mean the police not enforcing the law or something else? I ask in all sincerity.


        1. madblog Post author

          The whole event was too perfectly made to order. We used to know what to do with Nazi protests: let them have their free speech and turn our backs and ignore them, all 40 of them. But now we have elements who are all too happy to use the idiots to agitate and create chaos. Antifa exists for the purpose of destroying first amendment rights, pulling down democracy and establishing socialism, and infiltrated in Charlottesville.

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