Silence Can Be Louder Than Words

It’s not that everyone is required to make a public statement on the remembrance of 9/11. I can understand being quiet on a solemn day, especially if that horrible day hit you close to home. Even if it did not, I respect the impulse to keep your thoughts about 9/11 private.

The people who are making me really uncomfortable right now are my social media friends who have something to say about EVERYTHING. That something is invariably from a leftist perspective, and that something is invariably judgmental. Everything is political and there is no subject which does not need the benefit of their progressive signaling.

They had nothing to say yesterday on the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Zero. No comments whatsoever.

One took the time to comment on Melania’s heels. Still. Share if you’d rather deport corporate tax dodgers than DREAMers. Outrage at vile tweets against Michelle Obama. Trump raped a teenager with his pedophile friend.  Don’t you think Obama was a classier president than Trump? Trump, Trump, Trump.

100% of my friends who remembered 9/11 were conservatives. 100% of my most vocal progressive friends had no comment.

One friend who is progressive told her own story in which she was almost a victim. She is able to appreciate the meaning of the day. She was on her way to an appointment in one of the towers and watched the planes hit from the ferry. Thank God her appointment was late rather than early.

On September 11, 2001, Americans exactly like you and me were going about their everyday business getting their days started, when they were mercilessly and horrifically murdered. For some the end was sudden. Others were forced to endure  awful and unimaginable torment for some time before they died.

The remembrance of this event does not need politicizing. Your fellow Americans died and it was tragic. We all experienced that day together. We are all Americans. We are all human beings. It was a day that changed everything. It is right to pause, note and remember.

I am not making political points when I say that it was outrageous, or when I condemn the actions of the murderers. We shouldn’t have to check with our progressive community organizers in order to condemn the mass murder of our own.

Why no comments? Is it because they have lost the ability to see anything without a far-right/far-left, us-vs.-them narrative? Because they have bought into the “truth” that every last thing is all political all the time, and that they couldn’t discern the virtue-signal correct opinion? I know these questions sound insulting. I just do not know how else to interpret their silence.

Apparently, it’s no longer OK to be united with those people.

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