The Wrong Side of History and Cultural Change

On this day of the March for Life 2018, I repost this.

Let’s not be on the wrong side of history. I like to hope that some future people who descend from us will have rediscovered a better moral compass, learned to honor objective justice, and found the Truth. If so, they will look back at us and be appalled at our indolence and our indifference in the face of genocidal baby slaughter.

There can be no escape for us as a people. Multiplied millions of murdered children cannot go unanswered by the conscience of any belief system. Only an utter nihilist could deny that the scales will ultimately be balanced and we will be found wanting. A universe which assigns no meaning to, and passes no judgment upon endless human carnage is an absurd nightmare.

The activities of Planned Parenthood are indefensible. If we do not have the will to purge this corporate atrocity from our society, we do not deserve to call ourselves civilized, moral, or even decent human beings.

That said, I do realize that all abortions are not chosen in as careless a manner as PP advocates that they should be. It may be, for many women, that all available medical advice was to terminate and try again. The professionals they looked to assured them that termination was best for all. They grieved terribly over losing a child they wanted. Some women may have aborted for elective reasons but felt unaccountably uncomfortable about it after. I realize that there are many women who were urged to abort for what seemed like unarguable reasons.

That’s the problem. If the default of our society  is to err on the side of death in order to solve our problems, and women are confronted with life-and-death decisions when they are at their most vulnerable…death becomes the predetermined result.

Then those women, and their children, become victims of opportunistic corporate interests, and of the aggrandizement of political interests. The best and most well-meaning solution that such a society can offer is death as panacea.

Such a value system is inadequate to meet the needs of real life. In real life, unexpected stuff happens, lives are in peril, less than perfect decisions have to be made. If the overarching goal in the face of the unexpected is to get back to our comfort and our plans, no matter what the damage, those decisions will be brutal.

We need cultural change. We must not blink in the assessment of our own culture. We need to value Truth. We need to be willing to call evil, evil; and good, good.  We need to be a culture which values all human life and devalues none.

When difficult situations come, as they will, our impulse ought to be an honest search for a solution which protects and honors all involved. Our default should not be death for the defenseless ones.

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