Why Do Atheists Search For Meaning?

A very good question. And why would we all have the need to find meaning?

Thomistic Bent

On the Facebook page of a college atheist club, I read a post by one of the atheist leaders. He linked to a news article about a humanist couple who had formed a group to help people find meaning and purpose in life. The atheist leader added “Great to see mainstream media writing about science-based, rational approaches to finding meaning and purpose in life.”

Now all this is well and good, for who could be against people finding meaning and purpose? We are, however, immediately reminded of atheist guru Richard Dawkins who has told us “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference.” Dawkins has repeated this concept, telling us that questions related to such things as the purpose for things in the universe are completely meaningless questions, on par with asking…

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Atheists Search For Meaning?

  1. Citizen Tom

    What is the answer to the question, “Why Do Atheists Search For Meaning?”


    Here is the logic. When one chooses to deny the existence of a Creator God, of an intelligence that created the universe for a purpose, then we have to say the universe exists simply because it does exist, for no reason at all. What does that proposition allow an atheist to do? If we assume we exist because of a cosmic accident, then an atheist can choose his own reason for continuing to exist. Instead of being about glorifying his Creator, the atheist wants his life to be about glorifying himself.

    Why is what the atheist proposes absurd? If God does not exist, there is nothing we can do that gives our lives any meaning. We are here to today and gone tomorrow. We exist in an infinite universe. If God does not love us, then in time any trace that any of us ever existed will fade away.

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    1. madblog Post author

      Exactly. An atheist ought to ask himself why he wants there to be meaning. Since there is none (if he is intellectually honest), where does his desire for meaning and significance, his wanting anything not to be empty of meaning, where does that come from? He must conclude that it’s a kind of defect, a kind of insanity.
      Of course, if God is real, all things are overflowing with meaning, other people matter, I matter, actions are good or evil…and the desire for meaning, relationship, and righteousness in a dark world, make sense.

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      1. madblog Post author

        And then the question:” why do I desire meaning” has an answer. Because I was made for meaning by a Creator who is meaning-full!



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